First ever Flash mob of North-east, by the students of NIT Silchar

By Ipshita Biswas
From National Institute of Technology, Silchar
Posted Feb 10th 2014 12:00AM
Flash Mob NIT SilcharOn 3rd February, Silchar witnessed the first ever flash mob of North-east at Goldighi mall. This flash mob by the students of NIT Silchar was organized prior to the inception of the annual cultural festival of NIT Silchar, Incandescence'14. This effort from the students of NIT Silchar was indeed a great success as the crowd gathered at the mall enjoyed every bit of this 21 minute show.

The Flash mob was hosted by Nitish Rajpurohit, a fourth-year student of NIT Silchar. Several games involving the audiences preceded the flash mob. The chief coordinator being Akhim Jyoti Baruah, a 4th year student of NIT Silchar and the coordinators were- Taralicin Deka, Kushan Kiran, Jagreeti Hazarika, Nayan Das and Sujit Singh, all being 3rd year students of NIT Silchar. Let's hear their experience from them.

Anangsha Alammyan, a 3rd student of NIT Silchar who witnessed the entire show of the evening at Goldighi Mall, said, "Watching the flash mob was a one of a kind experience. So many talented dancers, all the peppy numbers, the cheering crowd made it seem as if there was some big festival going on, finding ground to stand on was tough, the place was so jam-packed! But those 20-something minutes were pure fun!"

Taralicin Deka, an awesome dancer who also played a pivotal role in the flash mob, said, "As we all know, this was not only the first ever Flash Mob in NITS history but in the history of whole North East! So by default it contained a lot of excitement and enthusiasm in all the true NITS'ians heart. But being a part of it was seriously a unique experience. Flash Mob is not a thing to be expected anywhere and anytime. In the beginning it was not very easy to convince all the people about the proper meaning of a 'Flash Mob'. Many people had a rough and mocking notion that Flash Mob just means dancing on the road or in a mall out of nothing. So it required a real time effort to finally take a stand and step forward to create a revolution and experience the rare time opportunity of organizing such an event involving mass participation. Once it was all decided, things seemed to be much easier. Regular practice sessions seemed to be fun and we all just played it out till the biggest day had arrived - 3/02/2014 when we had the historic 'NITS FLASH MOB! It must be mentioned here that this Flash Mob took just 12 days long practice and it was all the sincerity of the organizers, the participants and the college fraternity that had contributed in the great success."

One of the coordinators, Sujit Singh, said, "Flash Mob turned out to be a super hit show, much more than we had expected. It is important to mention that it would not possibly be organized without the untiring efforts of me and Kushan as choreographers combined with some equally shown interest from all the participants. Two weeks prior to the main event we had to work ceaselessly, keeping aside every other work. Thus during those days dance became the priority. With the participation of 100 students, it became even tougher to introduce synchronization. We did face several hurdles in our way for organizing the 'flash mob', yet this effort did turn out to be an awesome one. The cooperation from gymkhana (Student Union Body), photography club (of NIT Silchar) and infra team is commendable. The cheering response of the crowd was very encouraging. The best part about this flash mob was that it's the first of its kind in NE. The success of this event will really take us further in the league of the best institutes in the country and Silchar itself as a rapidly developing zone."

When asked to Shreya Dalela, a 3rd year student about her experience of being a part of the first ever flash mob of NE, she replied, "There's something so amazing about flash mobs. They are fun and carefree. You can miss a step or two but it still seems in sync. I loved every minute of the practice session as well as the final show. I respect Kushan, Sujit and everyone else who put together such a wonderful choreography.

Well, dance at NIT Silchar has already been taken to great heights by the popular dance groups like Octamaniacs and Creative Crew. On the evening of 3rd February, it was indeed good to see several dance forms in this span of 21 minutes including hip-hop, classical, Bollywood etc. The flash mob by nearly hundred students had indeed set the stage on fire and created a landmark which would always be remembered as the 'first ever Flash mob of North-East India'.
Do have a look at the official video of the Flash mob.
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