Google ventures into Humanoids with Boston Dynamics

By Ipshita Biswas
From National Institute of Technology, Silchar
Posted Jan 26th 2014 5:00AM

Google, the most popular search engine has indeed evolved into a company providing a wide variety of product mix since its inception on September 4, 1998. Little known are its products like the driverless cars with a 3D mapping range finder which was launched on 2010, Calico through which Google ventured into the field of healthcare and biotech. Then there's the most talked about wearable gadget, the Google glass which happens to be like the goggles or the prescription glasses with the difference that it is connected to the internet and is made to understand users' voice commands, even when the environment's raucous. The Google glass is equipped with several other features too. Then there are several others like Andriod, Nexus smartphones and the 2013 launched digital media played named Chromecast.
Well, Google's last week's acquisition of Boston Dynamics has raised anticipation regarding its future venture into humanoids. More so because 'Boston Dynamics', which claims to build the most advanced robot on earth, is in fact the eight acquisition of Robotics Company in a span of a past few months. Moreover, the reason of this particular acquisition triggering major speculations is the perfectionist status achieved by 'Boston Dynamics' is its robot manufacturing business. The robots manufactured by 'Boston dynamics' possess locomotive abilities replacing the conventional wheel-based robots. Two of their bipedal robots named Atlas and Petman have their degree of freedom which could be matched with human beings. Even the quadruped ones like he Big Dog, Little Dog, Wild Cat and Cheetah shares similarities in their locomotive actions with the animals of their kind.

Now, since it's been acquired by Google, it can be very well expected that soon the 'consciousness' could be put into practice into the robots with the aid of the outstanding artificial intelligence of Google. Google's exceptional AI resource is well reflected in Google Now, the personal digital assistant.

Thus, with the increasing induction of Artificially Intelligent forms around us, we can just hope that the world doesn't turn out like the Isaac Asimov's story or the Terminator's portrayal. source: setandbma.files.wordpress.com
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