Education Technology in the Digital Age

By Pronay Peddiraju
From VIT University, Vellore
Posted Jan 13th 2014 12:30AM

Technologically the world is always moving forward. New concepts provide us with ease of access to almost everything. Though we consider ourselves part of an era which looks for excitement and modernness in everything, we still stick to orthodox methods in our educational institutions. When we don't have access to the internet or our smartphones don't work, we face abstinence in its purest form and find ways to live without such issues.

At this rate the concept of education should have been miles ahead of us but yet we see the use of a black board and in some lucky cases a projector. Many institutions such as the Vellore Institute of Technology and a few others though try to keep the pace enabling facility of college user accounts for students that let them access vital course related information. But how well placed are these systems?

education tech
Image credit: Royalty-Free/Corbis

Most foreign universities provide their students with facility on the internet to access course material but along with it a lot of user friendliness which unfortunately many Indian university websites lack. The stability of these systems are also under threat thanks to frequent power cuts and reduced capitol that is used for upgrades to these systems. The students must be given access to information and knowledge with a more different approach in order for them to learn and pursue sciences of their desire. But with the current system there is more a monotony involved.

If the colleges and universities across the world wish that their students fit into the learning system better, they must be able to provide for the current generation. With the massive growth in the smartphone industry, these institutions could start making mobile applications for students that help them monitor happenings in their college. These apps can provide information regarding the student time table, cancellation or re-allotment of classes, their assignments or home work deadlines, facility that is added or deleted in the college and other such news.

edu tech
Image credit: www.npc.edu

Colleges can also provide file portals where students can have access to texts and study materials online in the form of articles or tutorial videos. Power Point Presentations can be used while teaching and the faculty can upload the same on the student portal. Brief notes on topics covered in the class could be sent to students who would miss attending college due to valid reasons through their mail accounts and student portal account.

All these features might be considered difficult to implement but that would be a misunderstanding. Students in colleges these days pursue web development and app development as fields of their interest then why not give them the freedom of creation.

Students in computer science related courses could take this up as their project.
This could add to their resumes making them valuable candidates for the IT sector at the same time benefit their institutions.

There is a lot that can be done to educational systems. It is just how well implementation plays its part. Image credit: haydenwilcox.edublogs.org
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