Premarital sex is immoral, says a Delhi Court

By Shaifali Arora
From IIS University, Jaipur
Posted Jan 5th 2014 9:00AM

In a recent hearing in one of the courts in Delhi, the legal premises became more of an open account of sharing personal opinions when a judge shared his personal opinions saying that premarital sex is 'immoral.' The statement comes as really shocking especially after the suggestions made by a Bench of Justices K.S. Radhakrishnan and Pinaki Chandra Ghose two months back asking Parliament to make proper amendments to the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act in live-in relationships. The suggestions made by the bench also emphasised on the protection of children born out of the live-in relationship that may not result in marriage.

Similar instances of a judge or an advocate making such statements have been noticed earlier too triggering many protests. It's not an issue having personal opinions howsoever senseless they might be but a judge is bound to behave in some manner and has some responsibility towards his profession that does not allow him to share such opinions on such a platform that may result in many protests.

Live-in relationships
source: www.thehindu.com

This hearing came in consequence to a complaint of rape filed by a woman against a 29 year old man in May 2011 who did not fulfil his promise of marriage to her. This case becomes a two edged sword forcing us to think of the violence against women in a live in relationship unprotected by any good law in our country and also shifts the focus to those women in powerful positions who may wrongly assert for financial or property rights from their partners and accuse them of false behaviour. The rights and integrity of a man also become a major point of concern.

source: tumblr

However, the 'immoral' part created by the court in Delhi raises questions on the very essence of the word 'freedom' in our country especially after the recent Supreme court ruling on gay relationships. The judge also describes premarital sex "against the tenets of every religion," as one of the reports on the website Times of India says.

Reacting to the statement, an angry student Arpit Mo'Steel Sarkar says on Facebook- "What if Atheism permits it? Is the court gonna take the call on our moral values based on religion? I don't need religion to make myself morally sound, no thank you."

Another angry protester responds to the report posted by Times of India, saying "And does any religion permits rape? Burning the bride coz of dowry? Acid attacks? Aur bhi cheezei bolu (Shall I talk about many more such things)?"

Social pressure
source: tumblr

While the movies like Shudh Desi Romance are attempting to represent the predicament that how youths find themselves comfortable in a live-in relationship rather than going for a marriage, the social and political milieu in India speaks another reality. Image source: http://illustrationstoencourage.files.wordpress.com/
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