Book Review: I Refused To Bribe

By DU Beat Editor
From Buzz around Delhi, New Delhi
Posted Dec 26th 2013 1:00AM
I refused to bribe review

This is a true story of an individual's stand against corruption because he wasn't afraid to stick to Gandhian principles. Authored by Gireesh Sharma, this novel brings to light the struggle of a common man against the bureaucracy and corrupt officials who are acting as a parasite in our society. Set in the backdrop of post-independence era, 'I Refused to Bribe' entails the reflection of morally degraded Indian society and government servants' unending lust for money.

Jitesh Sharma, an employee at S.B.I known for his honesty and integrity is framed for corruption charges in a setup cleverly framed by some pervert employees at the same bank. As a result he faces suspension from his services and lives a miserable life. To hasten his trial to be acquitted from the false charges, he comes across many people who reflect different temperaments of our society. He is often advised to take the easy path and make things easier for himself by resorting to negotiate things 'under the table'. But he is a man with utmost faith in honesty and truth and simply refuses to bribe even if it is going to bring hardships for him.

This is a story that has a lot of messages in store for the youth and society as a whole. It tells us that truth always emerges victorious though it's a longer and harder trajectory. Jitesh abhors bribery-he neither gives nor accepts it. He also acts as a whistleblower to unveil the guilty and attempts to purge the system albeit it's an individual stance. The wrong path is easy, but in the long run no one can escape from the shackles of one's own sins. The story stresses on infusing courage in the minds to appreciate the virtue of honesty.

The book has also been presented to Arvind Kejriwal, who epitomizes the revolution against corruption this book sets the right tone for its theme. I Refused to Bribe is very well drafted and sends across a very positive message to our society infected with the virus called 'corruption'. It surely sets the mood for people to come forward and fight the evil of corruption rampant in current times.

Arushi Srivastava
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