Palash Sen And The Sexist Saga At IIT-B

By The CoolAge Reporter
From Buzz@Bangalore, Bangalore
Posted Dec 23rd 2013 1:55AM

Many of us enjoy listening to Maeri and Dhoom Pichak Dhoom by Palash Sen, lead singer, Euphoria, because it brings back fond memories of the early 2000's when Euphoria was producing great songs. Most people expected to go back and relive those moments at Mood Indigo this year. What happened after the concert was something else. His remarks at the concert at MoodI were deemed to be sexist which included picking on girls for not working hard enough to be an IITian or making phulkas/roti for their husbands because they are from IIT.

Palash began his musical act with Dhoom Pichak Dhoom in the middle of which he went on a misogynistic trip about hotness quotient.

Euphoria frontman Palash Sen draws heavily from his academics too. According to him, he went to a medical school where there were "male" and "non male" students.

When Palash asked the crowd if there are beautiful women in IIT-B, the crowd replied in unison that there were none. Palash asked the question 3 times more and as a consolation said that IITians should not be too heartbroken because they will get the best girls in the market once they're out.

MoodI organisers have apologized for Euphoria's comment and are taking action. Palash Sen who was a hero for many who wanted to quit their jobs and live their dream hold such shallow opinions about half the population of the world.

Source:facebook.com/mood I

While Palash prepared the crowd to cheer and applaud to his good natured "jokes", it left a lot of the women feeling low, small and humiliated. When Palash said "women are the most beautiful" as an extension of the misogyny on display he added "that men are the most intelligent because they recognize beauty".

Of course, A few moments later, Palash croons to Maeri; a song about a mother to whom he owes it all. But the damage had been done. Source:Aol
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