Tech centre is all set to foster a Nano Park in Bangalore

By Ipshita Biswas
From National Institute of Technology, Silchar
Posted Dec 9th 2013 2:00AM

Bangalore, often depicted as the Silicon Valley of India, has always encouraged both technological and entrepreneurship spirit. It has been the major trend setter in any kind of industrial development. Safeguarding its integrity, Bangalore is all set to embrace the growth of nano technology with the proposal of establishing a state-of-the-art Nano Park. This park would be designed to have nano incubation centre in addition to every required facility and infrastructure. This can be a milestone for India as the present ranking of the country in the area of nano science is 3rd.

On 6th of December, an inauguration ceremony was held organized by the Department of IT, BT, S&T - Government of Karnataka and Vision group on Nanotechnology. In the presence of eminent scientist, Bharat Ratna awardee CNR Rao and 2010's Nobel Laureate Sir Andre Geim, chief minister Siddaramaiah addressed the inauguration of '6th Bangalore India Nano' in Bangalore. Siddaramaiah said, "In knowledge-based industrial development, Bangalore has reached iconic stature. I am delighted to state that the city is acclaimed as one of the top 10 'Technopolises' in the world." The Chief Minister further added, "I call upon scientists to come up with tangible nanotechnology-based solutions for food security, energy, water purification, medicine and healthcare as well as waste management," Along with CNR Rao and Sir Andre Geim, the event did mark the presence of several other scientists, academics and entrepreneurs.

This project would be funded by the Union Government and the estimated cost is Rs. 100 crore which would include the complete nano park with its incubation centre and the Indian Institute of Nano Science and Technology. The state government has allocated a land of 14 acres on Tumkur road for the purpose of the project.

According to CNR Rao who is also the President of the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, in India, the top two institutes to have major contribution to the development of nano science are Indian Institute of Science and JNCASR and coincidentally both these institutes are situated in Bangalore. He quoted out some of the advances India has made in the field of nanotechnology like production of safe drinking water etc. He then emphasized the utility of nano science in the field of health care and medicine, for example with the aid of nano technology new skin can be provided to the burnt patients then the drugs meant to target the cancer cells of the body can be made more effective.

There are also several other efforts being made across the country to promote nano technology, the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) would soon be setting up a green Nanotechnology centre and a Knowledge Application Facilitation Centre in Gujarat, as per the reports from the TOI, Jul 11, 2013. Then the renowned biomedical engineer and IIT Kharagpur professor Sujoy Guha said that drugs which are produced as a result of the application of nanotechnology which are required for a particular disease can be produced and developed in environment that's prevalent inside human body by utilizing the raw materials available in the body itself. Such drugs produced inside a human body would be more welcomed by the human body and thus increasing the chances of the disease getting cured.

Thus, the Nano Park, when established would be a great boost to the already growing nanotechnology industry in Bangalore and in a way moving the country to a higher pedestal from its present status in the area of nanotechnology.

Source: mangalorean.com
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