An enlightening colloquium by Sanjivan Lal-Director and film-maker

By Ipshita Biswas
From National Institute of Technology, Silchar
Posted Oct 1st 2013 5:00AM

A special seminar was held on 30th September by the 'Dramatics culb', NIT Silchar, in collaboration with 'Avishek Printers', presided over by the renowned bollywood director and documentary film-maker Sanjivan Lal. The organizers of this seminar were-Anuj Jain and Shreyoshi Bhattacharjee.

It was indeed an enlightening lecture where Sanjivan Lal spoke on various aspect of being a script-writer and a director. He spoke about his experience, describing every facet of his choosing the profession which is far from his education line. He said that having a degree for a person of any profession is important. Giving examples of successful film-makers with B.tech, MBA degrees etc., he said that having a degree forms a base for you, which enables you to follow your passion or your desired profession without any regret and also preserves the option for you to switch back to the profession as per your education line.

Speaking about his experience as a script writer, he said that script-writing is indeed a prolonged job, thus, a script, which has achieved a status of being presentable to the actors and producers, has to pass through several steps. Starting with 'one-liners', the next step is to depict the 'scenes and then the dialogues are developed according to the scenes. He said that writers are lonely as they are not able to entirely unveil their mind until their thoughts are written.

Answering to the questions of various students, he said about Indian films, the marketing strategy involved behind making a successful movie and the expectations of the audiences. He described several transformations occurred in the depiction of stories in movies over the decades.

According to the 'Dramatics club secretary Sugata Siddharth Goswami, 'Students' response was tremendous. The show was initially scheduled for one hour but had to be extended to two and a half hour. Questions about direction techniques, his view on what constitutes a good film, the difference between an actor and a star etc. were asked by the students of our college. He further emphasized that knowing the ABC of film-making is elementary for the aspirants, as a director well versed in the basics knows the difference between a wide angle and top angle shot and its impact with respect to the plot.'

It was great to see such enthusiasm and eagerness among the students of NIT Silchar to learn the technicalities involved in making a film. Thus, thanks to the 'Dramatics club', for their effort to bring Sanjivan Lal for the seminar, prior to Tecnoesis'13, which effectively instilled a spirit of inspiration among the students.
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