USP of a Mobile manufacturer: Sony, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Apple, LG

Samsung vs HTC vs Sony
In an era when mobile phones are getting equally abled. Mobile phone manufactures are struggling to find individuality of their product. After all Android 4.1 will be Android 4.1 be it a LG device or a Sony device.

But I have seen a trend in past 1-2 years, where most companies are pitching for a Unique Selling proposition (USP) for their phones. Let us take a look at USP's of major companies.

Sony – Durability. You tend to get an idea about their durability when you see Sony mobiles getting dipped in water and dropped on ground in every advert. Sony's flagship mobiles are now waterproof, dust proof and shatterproof. It has even got an International Protection Rating for its products.

HTC-Audio. Ever since HTC acquired a stake in Beats Electronics it has been bundling Beat's speakers in its premium phones. The current flagship of HTC, HTC One has two sound bars on the front panel just like a TV. It produces an exceptional sound quality which is magnitudes ahead of the competition.

Samsung – Gestures. Samsung's obsession with gestures started with Galaxy S-3. It had a screen which dimmed only when you shut your eyes (though you did have manual controls). With S-4 this allure increased. Now Samsung's lead can turn pages with air gestures, pause video when you look away from the screen and can even browse the web without touching the phone. In future they might even have brain reading capabilities.
nokia vs apple
Nokia – Camera. Nokia's camera were always ahead of the competition. Its partnership with Carl Zeiss is a major factor behind it. But now it seems Nokia is only focusing on camera in its phone. It recently launched a phone with a 41 megapixel sensor! At this resolution it can even shame some of the SLRs. If want to know how obsessed Nokia is with its camera then you should follow its Facebook page. Every week they post a comparative photography test with the competition and as you would expect Nokia chokes them down hand down.

Apple – OS. Apple's mobile operating system, iOS is restricted to Apple devices. This gives a sense enchantment and individuality to Apple's product. Apple cashes on this uniqueness, they tell the world that only they can deliver the very best no one else. And the customers do oblige.

LG- Who buys LG Phones? Jokes apart I don't find anything special in LG's phones. No doubt they make great phones but unique phones I don't think so.

I have charted down the USP's of major companies. While some are useful other are just "Bhaukali". Selection simply boils down to personal preferences. So which feature will you look for your next purchase?
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