5 Occasions to not miss at BITS-Goa as a fresher

By Chintan Zalani
From BITS Pilani, Goa
Posted Aug 8th 2013 7:00AM
BITS Goa Freshers OccasionsWelcome Freshers! By now you might have settled at BITS-Goa. You must be happy with the college culture, the activities and obviously living in Goa. Now, you eagerly await the events and keep hearing about the festivals, club inductions etc. The enthusiasm and energy in a fresher are unbeatable. I mean you just want to do everything! Here are the 5 occasions I recommend to not miss as a fresher:

The First few Goa trips: Not that later you will not get excited by the beach. But, firsts are always the most memorable ones. The enthusiasm to explore the beaches, forts, restaurants, churches and other tourist places of Goa will be at the peak right now. Moreover, the number of people who go on trips will also be the maximum you will see in the next four year period. Unless, you are a part of a club or department you will make trips only with a smaller bunch of people.

Relish these trips as a tourist before you don the 'BITSian lite.' When you will recollect memories (in your final year, maybe) you will look down at one such trip and smile for it will remain one of your most epic trips.

Club Inductions for a 'job interview experience': You have got to experience atleast some of the many club inductions. No, don't judge your talent or skill on the basis of getting inducted or rejected in a club/department. These inductions might easily miss the hidden talent in you, since, you need to refine the talent during your time at BITS.

But, experiencing them will be a very unique experience. You will witness innovative methods, professional environment and probably your first personal interview. The induction results will be fair and unfair irrespective of your performance, but, I promise you will enjoy the whole process and will have a story to tell (from some of these inductions) later.
BITS Goa Freshers should not miss these occasionsFirst Zephyr: As a first year the energy you possess will surpass the sum of energies in the next three years. The sense of proving yourself, your hostel, and your abilities is strongest in the first year. At Zephyr, the intra-hostel competition you will get the perfect podium to showcase whatever talent you have! Make sure you participate in events, fight with intensity for the title and shout in the auditorium events in support of your hostel. You will have made many fond memories by the end of Zephyr.

First Waves: My first Waves (Cultural festival, BITS-Goa) remains one of the most memorable ones in spite of the fact that Waves has grown tremendously over the years. Irrespective of the fact who is performing the first Waves for most of you it will be the first encounter to such a grand euphoria where you witness astonishing performers, colors, festivities, events and much more!

I still have fresh memories of the special night at my first Waves when KK performed and we danced and sang along to all his numbers with tremendous energy. The DJ Suketu night or the performance of HR College's in Natyanjali or HR's hot chicks walking down the ramp in Fashion Parade, everything had a special delight. It's like you have a feel good from inside at your first Waves.

The CSA Elections: Oh! Yes this is totally the occasion for the politicians out there. But, even if you don't like politics you have got to witness the auditorium debates and cheer loud in support of your candidate. Yes, don't just sit back in your hostel rooms, strategize for drafting the election manifesto of your candidate, campaign with the candidate, participate in the speeches outside the hostel common rooms and elsewhere, and do a whole night Jagran before the vote casting day (which might turn the election results upside down); everything will be exhaustive yet pleasant. If you get involved you will definitely get a feel of the political scenario and wonder how things as well as people manipulate (winks)!

If you missed my first article in the five thing series, do give it a read, "5 things which BITSGians relish during their stay at Goa". Stay tuned for some more such five thing articles.

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