Metallic fashion: Shimmering fabrics and shiny accessories!

By Vithika and Divya
From Buzz@Bangalore, Bangalore
Posted Jul 24th 2013 4:55AM

Add a dash of shimmer and shine to your wardrobe this monsoon! Fashion trends in metallic colours are not just limited to bold glitters of gold and silver anymore. You can buy plenty of metallic clothing in stunning combinations. From bronze & copper to shades of purple, green and even metallic pastels.

The good news is with metallic all around, there's no need to save your flashy fashion statements until after dark.

A simple pencil skirt in shades of pink and blue with a metallic touch, adds instant glamour to your feminine look. Paris Hilton's silver mini dress became a hot trend. A pastel organza shirt or a sequined top paired with fitted tights looks gorgeous and brings out the blinging beauty in you.

Create your own style with this futuristic trend by experimenting with different shine textured fabrics in unique colours. Stick to one metallic piece to wear- be it a top, a pair of tights, a skirt or just heels. Have the rest of the outfit be simple and compliment the shimmer.

All the metal need not be on your clothes. Sparkle them in your accessories, a sequinned pair of heels or gold stilettos combined with a clutch. Complement your everyday look with jewelry in bold metallic hues. Metallic shades in your eye-shadow and lipstick will bring out the urban polish and adds an edgy vibe to your look.

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