Maharashtra Common Entrance Test: Rest in Peace

MHT-CET no more"Buck up guys, there are millions ready to slit your throats and grab that seat!" howled my physics professor months before I took MHT-CET . Though it sounds hilarious now, it motivated me then to fight for my life! MHT-CET i.e. Maharashtra- Common Entrance Test, is conducted by the Government of Maharashtra for admission to the first year of four year full time degree courses in Engineering / Technology and Pharmacy in the State of Maharashtra. MHT-CET is just one among the multitude of exams that claim to select the best from the ever-growing crowd of engineering aspirants. However, for some that's the only part of junior college they can recollect.

There were many of us who maintained a list of entrance exams to be taken to prove that we were 'technically' sound! We had to prove it at the national level, state level and the university level, 'tried and tested' in the same three subjects in all possible patterns. By the time the student got acquainted with all these patterns, they found themselves filling circles on OMR sheets! However, finally the Indian education system has put an end to this. The Govt. of Maharashtra has issued a GR stating that the MHTCET would be scrapped from 2014 and JEE Main will take over the MHTCET( JEE(main) was introduced in 2013 in all states except Maharashtra). We request readers to maintain a two minute silence for the MHT-CET exam and the huge industry it fuelled.

Rahul Coutinho, TY EXTC from VJTI says, "This is a very positive step, as a student will not have to target a specific set of colleges and will stand an equal chance at every seat across the nation." However, Dhara Shah, TY EXTC from VJTI disagrees, "Having just one important exam also reduces the number of chances given to the students and increases the stress!"

Another major step is the resurrection of 'BORED' exams as 'BOARD' exams! Reduced to a mere formality by the sea of entrances, the 12th standard board exams had the last laugh. The marks scored by a student in his/her board exams will be converted to a percentile, added to JEE(main) score in a 40:60 ratio to come up with the final ranking. Thus the boards will now play a pivotal role in the student's admission. Even though, this news has been well received by Jr. Colleges across the nation, not many students have been pleased, as they feel boards are a test of preparation and not intelligence.

Introduction of JEE(main) as the only exam to secure admission in government aided engineering colleges across India will greatly affect the students of Maharashtra where CET was one of the most popular entrance exams. Not only is the syllabus of JEE (CBSE) and CET (Maharashtra State Board) extremely different, but the pattern too is highly dissimilar. Thus this decision will change the face of higher secondary education in Maharashtra.
MHT-CET 2013 results are out and the last batch of CET aspirants has secured admission in the colleges of their choice. Meanwhile, MHT-CET slips into history pushing the innumerable CET coaching centers and publication houses into a struggle to reinvent themselves or be bulldozed by the new system.
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