How 'fake likes' on Facebook change the equations

Most of us use Facebook these days and companies/bands/artists and individuals spend tons of money to market themselves and build or maintaining their brand image. This article is about how 'fake' likes affect the end user, the brand, Facebook as a company and the Facebook eco-system as a whole.

Suppose you're a celebrity and you maintain a page on Facebook with around a lakh 'likes'! Facebook's policy that less than fifteen percent of your overall fan-base would see your every post and if nobody interacts with the post, you don't pay to 'boost' the post.

Now imagine on a day, your 'likes' start to increase at almost a 'like' per minute and in a month they increase by over thirty thousand likes. But these new 'likes' which came are 'fake likes' are propelled by 'Bot' Users which are used to corrupt the Facebook system.

Now suppose your total 'likes' stand at one lakh and fifty thousand (a few 'real' people also would've liked the page over time) out of which nearly thirty thousand are 'fake likes' (Nearly twenty percent, 20%). So according to Facebook policies a majority of people who get your updates would be majorly 'fake' profiles and hence activity on your page would be low. So while you would be sitting there, celebrating the numbers, most of them wouldn't be real.

Your page's activity would spiral down to a minimal amount and in time less than a percent of the people who 'like' your pages would actually see your posts.

This doesn't end here. It gets worse. Now if you plan to pay Facebook for marketing then you'll have to pay more because the payment directly depends on the number of likes you have. Most of the money over time will not be of any use as it will promote to the 'fake' profiles because the rate of these Bot profiles liking your page would obviously be more than the 'original' likes (Of course this would be, we're not talking about Justin Bieber's or A. R. Rehman's page here).

Eventually Facebook would earn a lot more than it is really supposed to and hence probably it won't try to solve the problem. In fact, it might even be reluctant to call it a problem!

So what's the solution? Shut down your page or block some countries from where you see that most 'fake likes' are coming. This might prove to be suicidal in some cases but there remains no option. You don't want to be the page which, in spite of having a lakh 'likes' and having spent a considerable amount of money to market on Facebook, receiver only a handful of activity!
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