Five Year Old Raped in Delhi

By Vernika Awal
From Sri Venkateswara College, Delhi
Posted Apr 20th 2013 12:00AM
In what can only be termed a new low for the Human civilization in general, a 5 year old girl was raped in Delhi and is at the moment battling for her life.

She was kept in captivity for 4 days and was raped by her neighbor and was moreover found with not just several bruises on parts of her body but also with several objects inside her body. As horrifying as the incident is the aftermath.

Once the poor girl was found and admitted to a hospital, the parents attempted to file an FIR with the police. However reports in Times of India point to a shocking fact: The victim's mother says that the police force was extremely uncooperative with regard to the filing of FIR and actively discouraged them from doing so. Moreover, a policeman offered them Rs 2,000 to hush up the case. The police force denies these allegations but there is no real reason for the victim's family to make up these claims. It is has been observed the Indian police force appears to actively discourage the filing of FIRs or sometimes outright refuses to file them at all.

The reasons for this must be actively investigated. Some policemen, speaking on the condition of anonymity to certain publications stated that police stations are extremely understaffed and there was intense pressure on the police and since they were unable to handle the case load, they did not have any incentive to react swiftly to new cases. Moreover, India has an extremely low ratio of policemen as compared to the overall population and this situation must be immediately rectified.

Moreover, reports also indicate that a high ranking police officer (an ACP) slapped a female protester. This indicates that the police believe that they can essentially get away with anything since they hold the reins of power. In a democracy, however, the media and youth forums as CoolAge play an important role in raising a protest and a voice and letting the government know that such high-handedness will not be tolerated. After the incident came to light, the ACP was immediately suspended.

"I am extremely saddened to hear about this incident. I pray for the recovery of the poor child and just hope that such incidents never occur again", says Sakshi Agarwal, an Economics student.

"I am horrified beyond words. I cannot adequately express my anguish. I hope swift action is taken against the rapist", says Sameer Jain, a Commerce student from South Campus.

We pray for the recovery of the child and hope that the perpetrator is brought to book immediately.
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