Nurturing Mini Masters of Business Administration at HR!

By Shivang Arora
From HR College, Mumbai
Posted Mar 18th 2013 4:00AM

As young and open minded school students, we all aspired to be doctors, engineers, scientists, astronauts, journalists, business men and assume so many other numerous titles in life! We knew our destination (or faintly knew what we seek) but little did we know our path until we passed on to our colleges and learnt more about the practicality and path to our aspirations.

The importance and awareness about various entrance exams, tests and acquiring skills and course gained our priorities. At HR College of Commerce and Economics, where bright, young and fresh minds step in to the college to be moulded into better citizens of tomorrow, the students are provided with ample opportunities to seek what in each of us is looking for!

From Internalization of courses, to joining various clubs, to conducting corporate seminars and to very recently what started at HR College a couple of years ago is the 'Mini MBA Program'. Started as an innovative thought under the guidance and leadership of our Principal Dr. Mrs. Indu Shahani, the Mini MBA program soon gathered ample momentum and support from the students as many aspiring yound leaders of HR College took this opportunity to gauge the path they all were seeking for!

This year too, HR College of Commerce and Economics, proudly presents its Mini MBA program exclusively for the students of HR College and the alumni of this college with an esteemed tie- up with the S.P. Jain School of Global Management at Sydney. The five day program will go on for a couple of weeks with a three hour session on alternate days.

Four brilliant and academically sound courses have been chosen including Financial Management, Global leadership, Sports and Event Management and lastly the Sports Industry Management.
The Mini MBA program will be hosted at the Sydney Campus and including among other attractions would be a Weekend Trip to the Blue Mountains.

"The Mini MBA program is a must for all those aspiring to enter the corporate field in the near span of time. Also these programs add a feather on the cap during Interview selection and hold importance in our Curriculum Vitae", says Om, a second year student at HR College who attended the last year's Mini MBA program from HR College.

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