Microsoft's boost to Startups

By Priyank Trivedi
From VIT University, Chennai
Posted Mar 6th 2013 4:00AM

Microsoft is leaving no stone unturned in promoting its Windows Azure platform. In another initiative to boost its market presence, Microsoft has initiated, 'Microsoft Accelerator for Windows Azure' programme which works closely with selected startups for four months period.
Microsoft Programme has identified 11 startups to go through their first phase. Such a programme is an excellent initiative which pools-in influential leaders and budding talents together to form a strong entrepreneurial base for the country. One personally asserts that only through the rise of the small and medium sized enterprises(SMEs) can India make itself self-sufficient in today's cut throat competition globally. The state governments should strive ahead to support such startups which have the potential to contribute to the economy of the country.

Microsoft has also initiated similar programs in US, Israel and China to promote selected startups and strengthen their base through a concentrated four month period.

The initiative asks for a business plan, which if selected will be mentored by associates at Microsoft. So if you've a business idea up your head wait no more and apply for it. The programme operates in two batches at Bangalore office (read mansions) with 11 startups in the second phase which starts from March 1st.

Amplyfy, one of the startups works on the concept of collaborative interaction while people watch television. Another interesting idea World Without Me treasures ones web presence like a journal ranging from online documents to Tweets and Facebook status updates.

This one is for all those who possess high-altitude-love for big data processing. CloudInfra, one of the accelerator companies, depicts itself as bunch of engineers conversant with the distributed systems and its setup without the much hassle of involving hadoop or complicated high performance systems.

Tejas, a third year B.Tech students says that "one of the most salient features of these are startups are not only their freshness of ideas but also their potential to turn big."

Agrim Singh comments over the fact and says, "In India, situations are extremely different from the ways business proceeds in developed economies. In developing countries, one has to surpass manifold difficulties ranging from paper work to actual implementations. In difficult times of the Indian economy, such a program by Microsoft is boon for all the companies selected."
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