What Have You 'Confessed'?

By Asia Syeda
From Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi
Posted Mar 5th 2013 6:00AM

Arpita Mitra, member of Logistics at LSRMUN 2013 writes about the recent surge in 'Confessions' pages.
Call it a trending event in our timeline, but the virtual world has to offer yet another platform to conceal our identity, this time as Confession (Facebook) Pages. Although hard to discover LSR following a conventional trend, the LSR Confessions page is inspired by the recent spurge in similar spaces.

Interestingly, similar Facebook 'like' pages (Humans of LSR) and even Facebook Profiles (LSR Compliments) have been part of the recent past, but the response to #LSRConfessions has been phenomenal, and the question raised is, after all why so?

As one goes on to keep a systematic track of these posts, we realize the variety in which the college finds its mention-from the Nescafe conversations, Hostel events, comments on selected teachers and popular faces, discussions on dresses-and-accessories, to brewing opinions coming from staunch feminists.

Observing girls coming across this concerned page as a topic of discussion, even the very next day in college is not new anymore. With about 966 people talking about it online, and countless others on-campus, one of the likely confessions have been something like this - "#207 I feel bad for the admin. #the amount of notifications#" (True enough). Not only that, few girls responded how it is amazing to post something publicly, getting the message across, and yet remaining under a cloak of invisibility! "It's fun to not only share your own contributions to the page, among your close friends, but also to guess the authors of other similar posts."

Nonetheless, the page has been equally critiqued for much about the same reasons. Excessive lewd comments, to confessions becoming complaints - certain aspects have been exaggerated quite a bit it seems. "#162 This confessions page is slowly and steadily becoming everyone's personal Diary. No. I do NOT want to know about what your family situation is on my News Feed or if that guy from KMC likes you or not. Get a pen and paper, or blog already. Even better, make some friends. Jesus."

Somewhere it brings me back to the same question - why did it even become viral, when it is equally detested? From being a matter of craze, to becoming a subject of mixed responses, Confession Pages do have a different tale to narrate.
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