Harvard Business School 2+2 Program

By Alisha Mashruwala
From Buzz@Bangalore, Bangalore
Posted Mar 5th 2013 6:30AM

What is the Harvard Business School 2+2 Program ?

The Harvard Business School 2+2 program is a deferred admission for students who are entering their senior year of college. The program enables students to gain 2 years of work-experience in a professional environment, followed by a guaranteed admission into the 2 year HBS MBA program.

Why was it created?

Harvard Business School created the 2+2 program in order to attract a younger demographic of business leaders who would otherwise likely not pursue an MBA in the near future. Inherent within the 2+2 program was Harvard's thematic mandate of attracting a more diverse set of qualified applicants from disciplines like science, technology, and engineering and many others. The HBS 2+2 program encourages students to be leaders and innovative thinkers, thus giving them the opportunity to learn from, and with some of the best minds in the world.

Applicant, Eliot Buchanan, talks about his reasons for applying to the HBS 2+2 Program:

What inspired me to apply?

"I always felt that an MBA would be a valuable degree later in my career, but not something I should - or could - pursue right out of college. Upon hearing about the 2+2 program I felt that it offered an unparalleled opportunity to receive admission from an acclaimed business school while providing flexibility to pursue several years of professional experience and career reflection beforehand. As a college student I was driven by entrepreneurship and did not quite feel ready to pursue further education until I had an opportunity to gain more industry experience and work on my own endeavors. Thus, the 2+2 felt like a perfect fit for me along these fronts, while also opening the HBS network and platform of resources for me to take advantage of throughout the entire process".

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