Why the New System at DU is Better

By Asia Syeda
From Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi
Posted Mar 4th 2013 5:00AM
Jayanti Jha, student of Lady Shri Ram college pens down her views as an advocate of the new four year system that Delhi University plans to put into effect.

Ria wants to study in the USA after her graduation but she can't as she doesn't have the required 16 years of education. Sameer's favorite subjects in school were Political Science and Biology and wanted to pursue both. Obviously that dream had to be put aside in high school itself. Priya wanted to study in a good college in Delhi University but couldn't do so because she scored only, erm, 92%. Zaid wanted to pursue dramatics in college but gave up on the idea when he saw the fuss that was made over attendance. Shreya got a great opportunity to assist direct a movie but the job required 3 month so she thought of taking a break for a semester but realized that she couldn't. Devang loved History but his parents wanted him to pursue Mathematics and that resulted in him pursuing Mathematics in college. I just made up Ria, Sameer, Priya, Zaid, Shreya and Devang in my head. But all of them exist. In some college of Delhi University, all of these people exist. That is exactly why the new system at Delhi University is better. It helps make Ria, Sameer, Priya, Zaid, Shreya and Devang happy.

Let me explain the new system to you. There will basically be four years of graduation in place of three. You can leave after two years with a diploma degree and come back and do the rest of the course when you please. You can leave after three years with a bachelor's degree and come back and finish of the course when you please. You get an Honors degree after four years. You have two subjects-One will be your major and one can be your minor subject. Like X can major in Accountancy and minor in Anthropology. There will be two languages that you will be studying along with your chosen subjects. Sports and extracurricular activities will be given due recognition. It is not finalized, but there may be an entrance test for admission to Delhi University soon.

There have been objections, by teachers mostly. But this is India where when any kind of work is associated with government jobs, government employees tend to wake up and start protesting. Against just about anything. This may be beneficial for teachers, as it will give them more time to finish the syllabus. Anything that is new is scary. So is this. But it doesn't mean that it is mad. I wish I had had the opportunity to study at DU in this system.

Now you may ask why this is better. I'll tell you. Two subjects! In a country like ours, where the parents from '3 Idiots' can be found in every household, and the lost Farhan Qureshis of this world abound, this system keeps both of them happy. How, you ask? Pick Economics for all the job prospects and societal acceptance that it offers and pick Sociology because you love it. The new system offers flexibility. You can take a break and go explore the world out there till you realize the error of your ways and can come back and resume your education. You can pursue your love for dance all you want; because it helps you score higher marks. And you get your required sixteen years of education. This system makes the students happy. It gives them more opportunities. It gives them a chance to be who they are. It lets them find their way. Isn't that what education is all about? About finding the right answers.
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