Techkriti 2013

By Chetan Chauhan
From IIT Kanpur, Kanpur
Posted Mar 4th 2013 8:00AM
Mid semester exams are over and End semester exams are far away. We engineers are devoid of our usual academic burden and are surrounded by a void. This void calls for something unique and innovative. It calls for our onset-of-spring festivities, our celebration of Science and Technology.... It calls for Techkriti.

Techkriti is the annual intercollegiate Technical and Entrepreneurial festival of IIT Kanpur. Launched in 1995 with an aim of encouraging innovation in technology among students, Techkriti, has grown bigger and better with each passing year. In 2009 it was merged with Megabucks (the Business and Entrepreneurship festival of IIT Kanpur) to become a one-of-its-kind festival that brings Technology and Business under one umbrella.

This year we not only plan to make Techkriti bigger and better but also aim to go one step further and solve issues that plague our society through our theme 'FIXING THE PLANET'. In this regard Techkriti'13 is going to be a Carbon Positive festival and has events to promoting initiatives ranging from water conservation to women's safety.

Techkriti'13 will have a series of new events like 28 States: An event where young minds from various states assemble to debate and discuss major national issues, Global Robotics Challenge: Which brings together Robotics enthusiasts across the globe, Techkriti Grand Prix Challenge: An event which aims to mimic a real Grand Prix with miniature RC (Remote Controlled) cars powered by IC (Internal Combustion) Engines, and a plethora of other such events.

In the regulars, we have events from almost all the SnT (Science and Technology) Clubs of the Gymkhana. Under the banner of the Robotics Club, we have the 'Robogames' which include enthralling events like Robosoccer and Transformers. We have Business events such as StockSim, Corporate Vendetta and Battlefield: The good old Case Study competition. From the Electronics Club we have the Circuit Design competition and in association with the Aero Club under the banner of 'Take-off', we have various aero-modelling events.

To accompany all these events we have exciting Workshops, Lecture series, Talk Shows and Exhibitions by eminent people. Being the only Technical Festival with an Entrepreneurial touch to it, This year Techkriti, in association with the ECell of IIT Kanpur, introduces E Factor; a conglomeration of events and talk shows to provide a platform to the collegiates to motivate them to pursue the un-trodden path of Entrepreneurship.

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. Keeping in mind this adage, Techkriti'13 has a number of fun filled activities like Zorbing, Human Fooseball, Paint-Ball etc. in store for you. These will be supplemented by cultural performances by professional artists making Techkriti'13 a complete package.

2012-13 is the year of the Golden Jubilee of our Students Gymkhana and Techkriti'13 strives to record this iconic moment by getting the name of our gymkhana in the 'The Guinness Book of World Records'. How ? Well wait for the answer till March 14 by joining us in our celebration of Technology here at IIT Kanpur........ and who knows, Your name might go in history as well !

Coming soon
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