OU's Harlem Shake

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you're probably aware of youtube's latest set of viral videos. That's right – I'm talking about "The Harlem Shake"!

The Harlem Shake has finally made it all the down to Hyderabad!
Thousands of college students are uploading wild videos of themselves online and Osmania
University students are no exception!

Basically, almost all the Harlem Shake video's start out with the words "CON LOS TERRORITAS" followed by a catchy tune.

The video starts out with a masked man dancing, followed by another who appears quite enthusiastic! 15 seconds into the video, a crowd of people appear and dance like there is no tomorrow.

Sprutika Battu says, "I saw these videos popping up all over the internet last week, and thought it would be a great idea to use The Harlem Shake to promote our fest! I told my friends about it and we started shooting the next day. I'd also like to thank Yang for helping with the camera and editing. This video would not be possible without him!"

The video was posted around 8 P.M. yesterday and has already received a few hundread views along with positive responses from the students.Computer Science and Engineering students came together to make a rather funny video to invite students around the country to their annual fest – INFINITY.With exquisite expertise and experience of a decade, CSE students present their annual technical symposium – INFINITY 2K13.

The name infinity remains a favorite of the students since it is not just a concept of the boundless but it exists in terms of innovation and ingenuity.Infinity 2k13 shows an outlook of the versatile current day technology through various paper and project presentations.Challenges such as debugging and code replication assist in perfecting the cognition of students everywhere.

Umpteen events like Brookz Law, quizzes are conducted to appeal the fun-spirited participants. Confluence of industry and academia is achieved through valuable expert talks and workshops.
Infinity 2k13 brings a rich variety of exciting and unique events spread across different genres!

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