Confessions. Compliments. Grudges.

By Garima Sachdeva
From Hindu College, New Delhi
Posted Feb 28th 2013 3:00AM

Facebook is 'cool'. We have believed that at one point or another (or never, maybe!). What actually makes Facebook cool is the non sense that keeps it alive. Be it the funny memes that hijack your homepage or the hilarious trolls that one encounters, the comics and small cartoons or the trending Faking news, everything is available on Facebook for our entertainment. Recently, Facebook got hit by a Tsunami of Confessions/Compliments/Grudges. Wondering what it is all about?

Numerous pages have been created on Facebook where one can confess something or bring out the in-kept grudges or pen down a compliment for someone. They are so named: Delhi University Confessions, IIT Confessions, IIM Confessions, DCE Confessions, DCE Compliments, IIITD-Confessions, Manipal Confessions, IIT Kanpur Confessions and the likes. Not only national institutes, but the international ones, like Stanford Confessions and Harvard Confessions, exist too.

"Some of the confessions are so funny, you just can't ignore them. My homepage is flooded with confessions. Someone is liking them, someone is sharing them, someone is commenting on them. There is just no escaping them", says Bhaskar Dey, a first year Economics at Hindu College.

Most of the comments sent to the admins of the pages are spoofs, many are jokes while a few angry ones might just be true. The comments are full of infatuations, hope, admiration, flirting, sexual innuendos, exaggerated sex lives, confessions of true love and what not. Some have even poured their hearts out on how terrible their annual fests were, how stupid their faculty is and how being an all-girls college is killing their 'find-a-cute-boyfriend' dream. It is like a Bollywood 'masala' movie that you get to see every second, on your homepage, for free. You don't need to spend any cash, just a bag full of TIME!

The virtual world is a strange world. A Gangnam style video gets a billion views, Justin Bieber jokes trend endlessly, Ravindra Jadeja, Rohit Sharma and Rahul Gandhi are mocked on a daily basis, and now these confessions have become an instant hit, social media definitely works in peculiar ways!

So sit back, type out that love note or a strange compliment or a long kept secret grudge. No names will be mentioned, just your message and your college or your year. Who knew being anonymous and scandalous can give a random stranger such immense cheer!
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