Capital's First Commando Obstacle Race

By Vanshika Singh
From Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi
Posted Feb 26th 2013 11:00AM

Delhi will see its first Commando Obstacle Race on 10th March 2013. The run promises to be a litmus test for strength - physical and mental. The organisers say, "We will make you scorch and sweat and push yourself, and you might just discover reserves of toughness you never knew."

The race, which is open to anyone above 16 years of age, would be a 4km one covering over 20 obstacles that the participants will have to tackle. Divyanshu Singh, a tennis enthusiast and a student headed to Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, next month says, "I should start cycling to office since I am kicked about the race. Although, what it would turn out to be can only be commented upon on the tenth, considering several other marathons have not turned out to be what they promised. I would be glad if the city runs for fitness and not for any celebrity craze".

So, do you need any prior commando knowledge or training? Not quite. In fact, if the XWarrior Race organizers were to be believed then you don't even need to be any 'Incredible Hulk' to be a part of this. However, this would be a test of speed, agility, toughness and stamina.
Syeda Asia, a student of Lady Shri Ram College for Women, New Delhi, who might be participating, says, "This would be a brilliant self check for Delhites to measure their health quotient, psychological and physiological strength."

Mind you! This is a timed run and the top 20% are entitled to awards as 'elite warriors'. Let's leave the ranks aside for a while. How about you stop munching that extra cheese burger and walk to college instead?

If you end up going, you might see corporate teams of 4 running for charity. Otherwise, the open category is always inviting.

To see more details, log on to www.xwarrior.in and find out loads of information such as boot camps being organised to prepare the city for something as challenging as this.

4 km. 20 obstacles.
Are you game?
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