Kernel Events at APOGEE 2013: FTGP

By Sauvik Dutta
From BITS Pilani, Rajasthan
Posted Feb 19th 2013 1:00AM

Sports Cars are one of the most ultimate man-made machines and their race is full of adventures and a must watch event. On the course of F1 racing BITS-Pilani is conducting Remote Controlled racing event "The Full Throttle Grand Prix". This competition is to show your knowledge about engineering behind remote controlled cars and feel the effect of ultimate driving experience. The event requires racing of your self-built RC cars on a race track. Although it may look simple to you but you will face cut-throat competition, and finally it is the quality of the car and driver ability which will decide the winner.

Problem Statement:

Build a Remote Controlled IC engine powered car to traverse a race track in the minimum possible time. The time trial track may be composed of several turns with increasing difficulty levels. The teams with the top best time to lap this track qualify for racing. Final round will be a race.

General Rules:

Depending on the number of teams participating and other time constraints, the arena will be given to the participants for practicing. The time slots will be given on the basis of first come first serve basis, but little duration for practising is assured to everyone. All the teams must have a team name. Organizers reserve the right to change any of the above rules. The participants will be informed about the same through the highlighted text on APOGEE website. Participants can address their queries indirectly via e-mail or forums and directly by calling up the organizers.
Some online resources for help will be uploaded soon. Organizers and judges' decision shall be considered as final and binding on all.

For complete details on Rules, please visit the page: http://www.bits-apogee.org/2013/Build_&_Design/FTGP/

Eligibility and Registration:

Participants have to submit an abstract giving the complete description of their vehicles based on the following lines.
  • If the teams are fabricating the vehicle by themselves then steering mechanism and the chassis layout should be explained in detail, along with proper diagrams. Picture(s) showing all the three should be attached.
  • Photographs of chassis without assembly should also be submitted. If the participants have already proceeded building their chassis, then they can send the photo of their car in the current state. These photographs are required to verify that the components have been built by the participants themselves.
  • Photograph of the car in the current state must also be sent with the name of the photograph as the date on which it is taken.
  • Specification of all other components like the engine, remote controllers etc must be specified.
  • The complete abstract along with the photos and the team name and members' name.
  • If readymade cars are used by the team then the team should mail the exact specification of the car.
  • Write the name of team along with the name of team leader and team members with contact numbers and e-mail ids. Put FTGP in the subject and mail your abstract to jatin.bansal@bits-apogee.org. Last date for abstract submission is *22nd Feb 2013*
  • A confirmation mail will be sent to the Team leaders.
APOGEE Website: http://www.bits-apogee.org/2013/

For further details contact:
Jatin Bansal
+91 789 140 0172
Coming soon
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