Kshitij 2013 - Large, Magnificent, Marvelous

By Vaibhav Mishra
From IIT Kharagpur, Kharagpur
Posted Feb 6th 2013 12:30AM

As the nation's first and largest Indian Institute of Technology and the institute where even the market is called as the 'Tech Market', the students at IIT Kharagpur had a daunting task ahead of them to showcase their 'tech' side. And as a result came the 10th edition of the Asia's largest techno-management fest 'KSHITIJ-2013' held during 1-4 February.

The technology symposium constituted of numerous events, competitions, exhibitions, megashows and guest lectures. A special attraction was the beautiful "colour changing" arena designed by the Kshitij team. It even had it's own DJ floor for all those people who wanted to take the heat off their heads after the daylong use of their grey matter.

Speaking of the competitions, there was something for everyone. These included the 'Robotix' events which, as always, were the main centers of attraction during the four days of Kshitij. Then, there were other events such as the Overnite competition for the programmers among us, the Nightshift event for the budding mechanical engineers, the Analyst for those who think that engineering is too mainstream, and a plethora of other events with great prize money for grabs. The Quizzes (Biz, Tech and Green) at Kshitij were also a crowd puller.

The campus also witnessed the presence of many international exhibitions among which the notable ones were the super-smart 'SOINN' robot from Japan and the 'Lego milling machine' from Brazil. A special attraction was the Face Projection exhibition.

The magnificence of the fest did not end with just the above events. The campus of IIT Kharagpur was swarming with great minds from around the world who were here to deliver the much awaited guest lectures. Kshitij presented before us some extraordinary persons. The line-up of these lectures included the likes of Mr. Bedabrata Pain- movie director and a former NASA scientist, Mr. Alan Emtage- developer of the world's first search engine 'Archie', Sir Robin Knox Johnson- first person to circumnavigate the globe, and Mr. Clade Vallee- Chairman of SPSC CERN.

Now comes the mother of all events- The Megashows. This year, Kshitij brought before us the BMX bikers from US and the ALL-STAR DUNKERS from France who just blew our minds off with their spectacular and daring stunts. Then, there was the Mentalizer, Ehud Segev, all the way from Israel, who played with the minds of each and everyone of the 5000 present in the audience. All said and done, these four days (1-4 February) would be remembered for their showcasing of the extraordinary. The 'Kshitij' of IIT Kharagpur has certainly reached new horizons.
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