Djent And Djentlemen's

By Ajinkya Kale
From Atharva College of Engineering, Mumbai
Posted Jan 28th 2013 3:00AM

Djent refers to a particular style of metal music, which incorporates aspects like low tuned, open note syncopated riffing and heavily palm muted metallic sound. In other words it is kind of guitar tone created by medium high gain and quick release of noise gate to emphasize staccato playing. This kind of tone is new to the world but has gained exponential popularity. The inventor of Djent is considered as meshuggah, but it is believed that Misha Mansoor from 'bulb' and 'Periphery' has popularized and taken it to distance.

Every invention in this universe has faced a controversy and Djent has no different story either, as the identity of Djent hovers between 'A Genre' and 'A style of guitar picking'. Many guitarists are at the opinion that Djent is future of music and it's a genre of heavy metal. While others strongly oppose this, by stating it's not a genre, it's nothing. Lamb Of God's vocalist's says there is no such thing called Djent. Other musicians are at the opinion that, modern progressive metal is a genre that implements Djent style of guitar pickings. However the metal fraternity is engulfed by this dilemma, the sound of Djent has caught attention of many and is spreading like a contagious vibe.

Aditya Gidh, a fellow metalhead and guitarist from Atharva college says, "I like Djent and I am fan of this genre/technique. The sound of Djent is very different and I think its a intelligent music, it has lot of variations and progressions. Bands like Meshuggah, Tesseract are treat to listen".

Following video gives insight about Djent and its sound.

Listed are the most popular Djent bands a.k.a 'Djentlemen'.

Periphery: Periphery is highly influenced Djent band hailing from America, formed by pioneer of Djent, Misha Mansoor. Till now band has released two albums, self-titled periphery and Periphery 2. 'Light', 'jetpacks was yes' are famous among the fans. In December 2012, periphery toured India and enthralled crowd to the fullest.

Vildjharta: Vildjharta is progressive Djent metal band. The sound of the band is described as Djent along with harmonic progressions, staccato riffs, fry and growl vocals and layers of reverberant guitars. Masstaden is the only album the band has released till date.

Tesseract : This is another progressive metal band from UK. The sound of the band is not that heavy as others but, use of various musical experiments and elements, wrapped in clean vocals makes Tesseract as impeccable act. Band has released several EP to their name. 'Concealing fate' is the popular one. Tesseract has played couple of shows in India.

Meshuggah: Considered to be inventors of Djent, messhuggah is basically an extreme metal band. Bands guitarist Fredrik has coined the name 'Djent' which is onomatopoeia for distorted palm muted guitar and distinctive high gain. Meshuggah too has played in India.

Skyharbor : A lone act from India is another talked about band, the band has already created buzz in Asia and Europe. Skyharbor is accompanied with ex-Tessract vocalist, Daniel Tompkins along with guitar maestro Keshav Dhar and others. In 2012 skyharbor played at Europe's most reputed metal festival EuroBlast. 'Blinding white noise' is the only album to their credit.

Following is the single from Vildhjarta

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