Cutting Chai 2013

By Vishaka Chakrapani
From KC College, Mumbai
Posted Jan 28th 2013 8:00AM

Being in the last year of college has both its pros as well as its cons. The pros being that soon you will be out of college and earning money while the con being that you will no longer get to live life like you did in college. For a BMM student, missing festivals will be the biggest con. 20th, 21st and 22nd February will be the days when R.D. National College will be hosting its annual BMM festival, 'Cutting Chai.'

In its 6th year, this year the magic of sitcoms shall be out of the television box and into the campus of National College in Bandra. For some students this will be their last ever festival, for some it will be redemption and for some it will be the final festival where they will be just a spectator.

No matter what the reason, the auditorium of National College will be bursting with people for all three days, Cutting Chai being the last festival of the academic year. "Festivals are an inseparable part of BMM", says Aishwarya Angre, TYBMM (Advertising) student of KC College. "After Cutting Chai even if we go for festivals it will feel like a layman rather than standing and cheering for our friends."

Three whole days of amazing events such as the Teleprompter event in which a person has to read out a teleprompter and when the glitches come your way, handle it the best way you can! This is the most eagerly awaited event of Cutting Chai. Apart from that, National College is located in Bandra which is close to a million hangout zones for student.

With contingent names such as Ari Gold, Charlie Sheen, Dexter etc echoing in the auditorium, it is sure to get the neighbourhood wondering about what is happening in the college!
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