Kabaddi Tournament, 2013 @ NIT, Silchar

Recently concluded Kabaddi tournament saw a lot of heat, sweat, dirt, abuses and fun! Being one of the oldest sports in India (nearly 4000 years) and India being its world champion, it is extremely popular in all parts of the country, even in engineering colleges!
It was the annual tournament for the sport and we were able to get Gymkhana Kabaddi and Hockey secretary, Mr. Nilanjan Goswami for a chat!

1. So tell me about the structure of the competition. How were the teams divided?

Nilanjan- All the 8 hostels were divided in two pools- Pool A and Pool B. Pool A consisted of hostels 2, 4, 6 and 7 and the other pool consisted of hostels 1, 3, 5 and 8. Hostel 7 didn't turn up for their match! So the other team was given a walk-over. In fact, hostel 7 didn't turn up for the event at all. I don't know the actual reason for that.

2. How many league matches were played?

Nilanjan- A total of five matches were played in league. A few matches could not be done because of hostel 7's absence, hostel 8 backing off from a match and hostel 5 giving a walk over to hostel 3. It was all interesting. So many equations and thoughts converged to leave final four teams ready for the semifinals- hostel 2, 3, 6 and 5. The semi-finals were really a huge affair for every hostel! There were instances of heated verbal arguments between players of different teams but that is a part of the game and guys took it in their stride!

3. I'm sure the semi-finals and finals would have been a very interesting affair. Who won finally and why do you think they won?

Nilanjan- They were! Hostel 2 and 3 reached finals this time. Last time too hostel 2 was the winner. They had the uphill task of maintaining their name as the champions! And they stood up to the challenge and won again. The finals was a match not to be missed. While two very strong players from hostel 3's team, Manjeet and Kishan, gave a very good show but from the winning team Pawan Patidar and Abinsh Mali were the best.

4. What were the major challenges that you faced in organizing this tournament?

Nilanjan- I faced major problem in getting permission from management for lights inthe night time and in preparing the field for play. Earlier, it had a lot of small stones so we had to work for a few days to remove them, then put soft clay.

5. Are you satisfied overall with the way this tournament has taken place?

Nilanjan- There's always a scope for betterment but yes, I am content with what we have been able to achieve. There always are a few hurdles in the way but I guess they have their own part to play. I want to thank four people who helped me immensely in planning and execution of this tournament- Samujjal Das, Rituraj Shukla, Amitakhya Bhuyan and Padma Kr. Morang.

6. I also went to watch a few matches and thoroughly enjoyed them! I wish you all the best for future events that will happen.

Nilanjan- Thank you for covering our tournament!
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