BLAZE 2013- BullsEye

By Shivang Arora
From HR College, Mumbai
Posted Jan 23rd 2013 11:00AM

2013, HR College's First Inter-Collegiate Finance and Cultural event is scheduled on the 7th and 8th of February at HR College and organized by the student members of the Investment Club of HR College. The Investment Club of HR College popularly known as ICHR is a student body of highly intellectual and financial savvy students who come together to share their knowledge and resources and make other students learn about finance in a fun-filled manner.

" Our mission is to inculcate financial wisdom." says Aman Vijay a third year BBI student at HR College who represents ICHR as their Finance Head.

BLAZE 2013 this year kick starts with their flagship event BULLS EYE, which is a Mock Stock Exchange conducted and organized within the college premises. All the contingents are made aware about the fact that 7 teams can participate per contingent in teams of two. The IPO (Initial Public Offer) form has been distributed and the IPOs this year are Bollywood celebrities like Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar whereas Sports fans can rejoice for there are Sportsmen including The great batsman Shahid Afridi and Yuvraj Singh. BULLSEYE has even gone beyond the national borders this year with International Artists including Britney Spears.

"The most common characteristic amongst all these personalities is the volatility in their life careers and this is where the fun-filled experience lies." says the Event Head Lavina Meghwani who is also a third year BFM student of HR College. We are aware about the fluctuations in the stock markets and this is the concept that BLAZE brings forth with their event BULLSEYE. The game is such that the fans may enter but only the savvy and the wise well research team would take away the price. The winning team shall be awarded 1000 points which will definitely be a major boon to the contingent that races for the BLAZE Cup.

The event BULLSEYE is named so as the participants have to listen and interpret the News that the speaker shall be disclosing at the start of each sessions. 10 sessions, 5 years and famous personalities and the winner only needs to make the most money.

Simple perhaps but never an easy task. Good Luck to those who venture!

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