Indians abroad are the fussiest: Jawed Habib

By The CoolAge Reporter
From Buzz@Bangalore, Bangalore
Posted Jan 17th 2013 12:36AM

Jawed Habib is the secret behind the envious hair of several Bollywood stars. One of the most celebrated hairstylists in India, Jawed Habib is an alumnus of the Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, the Morris School of Hairdressing and the London School of Fashion. It was in London, that he found his calling and trained to become the legend he is today. Jawed Habib's father Ahmed Habib is also a renowned hairstylist and started the first "Habibs" salon in 1983 in Delhi.
As a brand, Habib has established over 300 salons across India to offer world class hair styling in the country. He has also set up the first of its kind hair styling academies in over 15 cities. Jawed Habib has also been featured in the LIMCA Book of Records for having performed 410 hair cuts in a single go.

1. Tell us about Jawed the child. Do you remember getting your hair cut then?

Yes. My father used to work with the Oberois so I used to go there once in a while for a traditional hair cut.

2. What co-curricular activities enticed you during your college days? Were you a straight A student or the naughty back-bencher?

I was very shy and timid student.

3. Tell us about your days at Jawahar Lal Nehru University. Did your time there influence your career in any way?

I never thought about my career during that time.

4. From JNU to the London's Morris School of Hair Dressing and London School of Fashion – what triggered the transition? Tell us about your time there.

It was in London, at my hair dressing school. My teacher's guidance that changed my mind and helped me focus. It was here that I decided that I wanted to become a hair dresser.

5. What was your first job as a hair stylist like? Did you face any challenges taking up an unconventional profession?

My first client was at Morris and was a mature lady with a short hair cut and she tipped me well – I remember that.

6. Could you tell us about an incident at work that you can never forget?

When I came back to India my first client was a girl of around 8 or 9 and I gave her a short hair cut. She cried.

7. You have styled for people across the world. Is working for Indian customers different for those abroad?

Indians abroad are the fussiest people to work on and a majority of them are looking for a discount.

8. What was the idea behind attempting to set the unique record of 410 non-stop hair styles in the LIMCA book of records?

It was just an idea after watching a movie starring Manoj Kumar. In this movie he cycles non-stop. Name of the movie was Shor.

9. In India so many chemical processes including hair straitening, smoothening, and more have arrived. What do you think of such treatments? Is there any assurance that such procedures won't cause any damage to hair in the long run?

All of these procedures are in and safe provided they are done professionally.

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