By Shubhangni Gupta
From Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi
Posted Jan 5th 2013 4:00AM

There are plenty of MUN conferences that focus on problems and the violence prevalent in different parts of the world, they focus on the destruction and the chaos brought about by the latest global issues. But few conferences concentrate on the peace process itself. The prime ideology behind establishing the UN was to bring about world peace. We have have been so caught up with concentrating on the problems itself that the UN today has become a forum for discussing problems and not really establishing peace. IGIT MUN, aims to bring the perspective back to peace and how best to achieve it in today's world.

Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology will be hosting the second edition of IGIT MUN from 19th-20th January. With its motto- 'taking peace forward', IGIT MUN 2013 attempts to continue with their endeavours to find plausible and more importantly, peaceful solutions to the pertinent global problems of the day. Very aptly, the vision of the last year's conference was- 'nurturing peace'. This year, IGIT MUN will be convening three committees - the United Nations General Assembly, the United Nations Human Rights Council and the Israeli Cabinet of 1967.

Through these three committees, the MUN has attempted to combine the elements that will appeal to a large delegate base - straightforward committees that will be made qualitative and substantive on the basis of their in-depth agendas. For the ones who want something different to tickle their brain cells, the Israeli Cabinet of 1967 will be an exciting committee. According to the conference site, the Israeli Cabinet is placed at a time when 'it is the summer of 1967 and Israel finds itself in a challenging position as the Arab alliance between Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Iraq is planning to wash Israel off the face of this earth.' Therefore, the Israeli Prime Minister convenes an emergency Cabinet meeting to discuss and prevent the same. Therefore, the delegates will require extreme concentration as well as brilliant historical research and crisis management skills.

Ayushi Parvathaneni, a participant in the conference tells us, "I am very excited about the upcoming conference. What sets apart this conference from the others is their vision. Finding peace-oriented solutions is the most appropriate focus of a resolution, rather than through destructive suggestions and debate. I think I am going to learn a lot from this conference!" With such enthusiasm and their 'heads' in the 'right' places, IGIT MUN 2013 is bound to be a blast!
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