Mood Indigo Worldfest-A Cultural Extravaganza

By Vaibhav Mishra
From IIT Kharagpur, Kharagpur
Posted Jan 3rd 2013 9:00AM
College fests all over the country carry almost the same feeling around them. These include multitudes of competitions, loads of informal events and the 'star nights'. The thing that made Mood-I 2012 stand out was it's 'Worldfest' which saw the participation of the contingents from five different countries including Serbia, Romania, Italy, Japan and Sri Lanka.

The contingents were present in Mood Indigo for the entire four days. They gave us Indians an introduction to their rich culture and entertained us through their great performances. The opening ceremony of the Worldfest was organized on the 20th December and it certainly raised the hopes for the days to follow.

The subsequent days saw various performances by the 'International Guests'. The college students present were also given a chance to learn the elegant Romanian dance moves. The Japanese corner was also a centre of attraction because of the origami lessons . The Italian guys in their traditional dress reminded of the pictures we once saw in our history books. The whole ambience of the place was entirely unique.

There was something for everyone, for the fun loving people there was the sports fest featuring sports like coconut bowling, bocce and hanetsuki. For the die-hard foodie there was the world food fest organized over 3 days featuring the Japanese, Italian, Romanian, Serbian and Sri Lankan delicacies. And by seeing the crowds it could be said that on the whole the Global Mela was a huge hit among the masses.

Apart from the above said things there was also a Worldfest Carnival organized on the afternoon of 23rd December which featured the international contingents from these countries along with other international performers that were present in Mood Indigo. It also contained a great performance by the people from Mumbai's own Dharavi. Watching the carnival go down the streets of IIT Bombay was a truly remarkable experience. The Carnival was definitely as big an attraction as any of the 'star nights'.
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