Candle March for Damini

Street Cause – Osmania University, on December 26th 2012 led a candlelight march in support of the victim of the brutal gang rape in Delhi on December 17th. Students of Osmania University were joined by hundreds of students from colleges around the city.

Nainthara Manian, a second year Biotechnology student from PESIT says, "I joined the march because I care for the victim, and for all those victims who never received proper justice!"
The incident which took place in Delhi sparked a nationwide outrage, it was an eye-opener to how vulnerable woman really are in big cities.

Avinash Rao says, "It is sad that rapists exist, but I think our women need to learn self defence. Women lack security in metropolitan cities so they must be allowed to carry pepper spray and teasers for their own safety."

The march started from the NCC gate near the Engineering College and went on toward the Arts College.

The idea of the march was initiated by Street Cause OU's current president Sai Srinath.

He messaged to this writer, "I did this event for one reason alone, to pray for the early recovery of 'Damini'. I don't think making new policies and implementing strict punishment will help anyone in anyway. Those who break the law, will never stop to think about the consequences regardless law. It is how we move about the society that is important. We as a society should move forward to ensure that this kind of event does not happen again. Our culture and tradition has always taught us to respect women; men need to understand that when a woman says no – it means NO!"

When the event was planned out, Street Cause members expected about a hundred students to show up, but the response was overwhelming! Students cover the entire OU road and continued their walk from 6 P.M. to 7:40 P.M.

Rinky Reddy, a first year student says, "It is very pleasing to know that so many people are supporting such a good cause! It's not only about the Delhi case but also about the every woman's safety in India. It is saddening to know that in a society which worships goddesses, women aren't treated with respect. We need strict laws on this and the government needs to act fast. "

The rape victim was symbolically nicknamed 'Damini' by thousands of people supporting her on the streets by netizens. The name draws inspirations from a Hindi film, released in 1993, about a woman's fight for justice for a rape victim.

Kudos to Team Street Cause for pulling off such a meaningful event!

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