With love, His Holiness The Dalai Lama XIV

By Aarti Bhalla
From Christ University, Bangalore
Posted Nov 27th 2012 12:30AM

The ringing and contagious laughter and childlike innocence; the messenger of love, compassion and inner peace - 26 November 2012 was an unforgettable, proud day for Christ University as it played host to The Dalai Lama XIV of Tibet. Received by our Chancellor Reverend Father Thomas Ikara, and the thunders of applause by the staff and students of Christ University, Christ Junior College and Dharmaram Institute of Religious Studies; the Dalai Lama started by saying "We're all the same. I'm just like you."

He beautifully summarised the differences and similarities between science and religion by stating that science is guided by the brain which always tries to analyse, research and investigate, trying to find reality; whereas religion is guided by heart, emotions and faith that needs nothing to measure or believe what it believes.

The Christ University Choir was honoured to sing an invocation song and the national anthem, and so were the Tibetan students of Christ University to sing a Tibetan song, for the Dalai Lama, who instantaneously joined them for a group picture.

After his lecture, his holiness was kind enough to take questions from the audience on various topics talking about the Big Bang Theory, Consciousness, Humanity, Atheists and finally his message on love, compassion, moral virtues, inner peace and serving humanity. He also talked about Anger, Fear and Distrust and how these three things are hindrances in finding inner peace and not the world and situations outside. It was not only a delightful moment for me to sit there amidst the audience and hear a spiritual leader of such repute, but also a life changing moment, like for many others.

'His holiness The Dalai Lama XIV- at Christ University" will be written down in bold letters in the history of Christ University. Yes, today we were proud, very proud indeed.
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