iPad 4 vs. Surface vs. Nexus 10

Apple recently launched a new version of their iPad, Microsoft launched its maiden tablet named Surface and Google launched a 10 inch tablet called nexus 10. The three tech giants whose earlier love was computer, software and search engine now have new-found interest in tablets. This only reinstates the fact that we are indeed in a post-PC era and the devices of the time are Tablets.

One thing more that I notice is that whatever people say about the American economy it's till is the most lucrative market in the world and everyone has got their tablet ready before the American holiday season. So let us delve into these tablets and find out whether iPad, Surface or Nexus will be the right choice.

Apple iPad: Apple literally invented the tablet segment with its iPad and has a much greater market share than all the companies combined. It is arguably the best tablet available in the market. It has the largest app store in the world and all the apps first come to iOS then to any other platform. But it also has its share of shortcomings, the first being that it has an exorbitant price and in country like ours, many people will not be able to purchase an iPad. Apple's iPad does not come with standard connectors like micro USB or HDMI port. It comes with Apple port so you will have to purchase Apple to USB connector, Apple to Ethernet connector, Apple to VGA connecter to do simple tasks. And this too will also burn a hole in your pocket. Lastly, the apple ecosystem is not that open and you could feel a little restricted in it.

Microsoft Surface: It is a tablet developed by Microsoft to harness the power of Windows 8. This is the tablet that you would find most familiar as it borrows many elements from Windows operating system. It is the only tablet in market which allows you to work. You can run Photoshop and Visual Studio on it. And it also has normal USB ports. The major short coming of this tablet is that it lacks applications though every day many new apps are added but it is nowhere near to Apple or Google store. But you can run all the existing Window desktop apps on it.

Google Nexus: The smaller nexus 7 was in the market for quite some time. And in the last week of October, Google launched a 10 inch version of their tablet. This puts it in the direct completion with Apple's iPad and Microsoft's Surface. It has the best screen of all the three tablets and is very attractively priced. It is the best Android tablet available in the market. One of the shortcomings of Nexus 10 is that almost all the Android Tablet Apps are Android Phones apps so they look a little awkward on such a large screen. Secondly, this tablet looks so much like an iPad that if you have little extra cash you can go for the real iPad. But if you don't need a lot of apps and you primary goal is to watch videos and read e-books, then this is the best tablet your money can buy.

So which tablet you want actually depends on your needs. I have pointed out the major features and short coming of the Tablets kings but the ultimate choice will be yours.
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