'Its all Original' at Comic Con

By Hailley Turakhia
From St. Xavier's College, Mumbai
Posted Oct 25th 2012 3:00AM
Dr. Seuss says perfectly, 'Words and pictures are yin and yang. Married, they produce a progeny more interesting than either parent'. Truly, comics are a getaway drug to literacy. What good is a comic if you don't want to read it again and again. Mumbai's Film and Comic Convention this October had a lot to offer to its audiences right from the special preview of the Sons of Ram to the enchanting ways of Angry Maushi by Abhijeet Kini. This comic con was one 'phataka' in this festive season.

The opening day of the MFCC saw the latest issue of the Indian Comic Journmal (ICJ) being unveiled by author & artist Abid Surti. For the first time in India, Hachette Book Publishing launched a brilliantly drawn and darkly comic literary graphic novel "Sudhershan (Chimpanzee). It is a deeply moving and darkly comic tale of a chimp in Bollywood, and the creatures – human or otherwise, in his life.

Day 1 also saw a huge crowd comprising of fans of comics and Cosplay contestants, who came in numbers to represent their favorite characters with panache. Pranay Bhan, a cosplay contestant dressed as Zabuza from the Naruto says, "I have chosen Zabuza as I wanted to represent Zabuza from Naruto with the probability of being real. Everything in this outfit is made by me. Its all original. It took em a week to only make the sword. I feel inspired as I want to be like the character and want to thank the makers of the character in this way. Also my costume is unique and I've really enjoyed making it". Pranay was at the first comic con too and this time says he came back as he loves the concept.

Naruto seemed to be the trending favourite as Cassius Sinjani also dressed as a Naruto character called Itachi. Cassius said that he picked Itachi as he was the most powerful and strongest. "I admire the fact that he killed his family to challenge his brother and save his clan", said an excited Cassius.

The presence of various genres of comics was great too and a lot of peopled thronged to the stalls to check out the brilliant display. Not just that, apparel and other merchandise and paraphernalia was purchased in dozens by fans.

The Sufi comic kiosk interested people particularly because it was something they'd not seen before. The Sufi Comics include an anecdote followed by 1 page with a Quran verse and cultural significance. Mr. Mohammad at the kiosk said,"It took my brother and me 2 years for the illustrations of the 1st comic". These comics have been translated into 7 languages. The duo said they learnt the art of illustration because of their love of comics while young. They have been inspired greatly by the Amar Chitra Katha. The wonder about these sufi comics is that they are being used for all ages of students at the Madarasa as they seldom fail to entice the minds of kids while they also teach a great deal.
"We saw everyone having a wonderful time taking part in the variety of interactive sessions. We have a lot of activities planned for tomorrow. We are looking forward to day 2 now", said Jatin Varma, Founder, Comic Con India.

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