Thiruvathira dance on Onam festival @AIIMS

This time around, the Malayali celebrations on the occasion of Onam were exquisite! It was held in association with Delhi Malayali association on 2nd September in the Recreation Hall, AIIMS Gymkhana. Delhi Malayali association was represented by their secretary, Mr. Shaji who was given a floral welcome. Students of all batches participated in this event but the participation of the 1st and 3rd semester students was the maximum. Resident doctors also took part and really enjoyed themselves. The dress code for the evening was Mundu (something like a wrap around) for guys and traditional white saree with red border for the girls. The whole event had an amazing ethnic feel to it.

The function was replete with beautiful cultural performances like dance, music, stand up comedy and many more. The monologue by Sreelal TV who dressed up as 'Chakyaar Kuthu' (a traditional stand up comedy done giving references from Hindu epics and making fun of the audience in jest.) was a class apart; soulful Malayali songs by Aswani and Srinath mesmerized the audience. Boys from the 3rd semester performed a retro dance wearing snazzy clothes and funny headgear. The choice of steps was really funny resulting in peels of laughter from the crowd. Some fun games like the lemon and spoon race were also conducted. The evening concluded with traditional 'Sadhya' - a 20 dish meal being served on Banana leaves. It was a really 'different' experience for the North Indian Population who came by. After dinner, latest Malayali songs were played and the whole crowd was dancing to the south Indian beats. Enthusiastic north Indians also took part.

One of such cultural performances was the Thirvuathira, a traditional dance performed in a circle around a rangoli/flowers. Generally performed in a circle, this performance was very pleasing to the eye. Comprising of simple but eloquent steps, it was a treat to the eyes! The audience loved the performance and showered the dancers with an extremely loud applause.

Watch the video to experience it!

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