Synchronicity '12 Mumbai Prelims

By Parth Vaswani
From IIT Kanpur, Kanpur
Posted Oct 9th 2012 1:00AM

The atmosphere was ecstatic; the bands, anxious; the crowd, roaring. And the nervousness only grew as more and more head-banging rock fanatics started pouring in. The stage was set; the clock ticking; it was time for the Mumbai leg of Synchronicity-2012 prelims.

Mumbai, essentially a metal-crazy city, has in the past sustained seemingly risky ventures such as the B69; but with the revolutionary 'Monthly Metal Night' started by the Blue Frog Music Group, it metamorphosed into one of the biggest centers for Rock Music Industry in the country. And thus, the place where the spirit of the people speaks for itself became the first stop for the Synchronicity Road-Trip.

Located in the heart of Navi Mumbai, Green Bee hosted the Synchronicity prelims for Mumbai-Pune zone. A few years ago, this area was completely dormant as far as the rock culture was concerned; however, since then, it has evolved into the most prominent hub for metal gigs in the subs, staging few of the best shows in the city.

The event, which kicked off at 3:00 pm on 1st September, 2012, was judged by Anish and Srikanth, who are members of a progressive Hindi fusion rock venture called 'Coshish'. Much like the previous years, this zone was dominated by alternative metal bands. 'Last Ride Home', an alternative rock band opened the act with their scintillating performance that won a lot of hearts. And with every gig, the bands kept outclassing their rivals as the performances levels kept soaring. However, it was 'Elevation Dynamics', a progressive band with a Sufi touch that really mesmerized the audience and stole the show.

Out of the 10 selected bands, 'Elevation Dynamics' and 'Last Ride Home' made the cut to the finals. The judges were thoroughly pleased with the performances. Elated by the spirit of the crowd and the enthusiastic reception, we are certainly looking forward to returning to Mumbai, hoping to organize the prelims on an even larger scale. This was the first time a prelim was held at such a grand stage, and after a very strong response, coupled with positive feedback from the participants and the audience, the Co-ordinator of the Mumbai leg of the prelims, Gaurav Shrishrimal, finally called it a day.
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