Rock est immortalis~ Synchronicity'12

By Chetan Chauhan
From IIT Kanpur, Kanpur
Posted Sep 28th 2012 8:00AM

The OUTLANDISH guys, we almost always find them in all college groups.
Wearing Black Tees with skull imprints, baggy jeans and unkempt hair, their ipod playlist running into Metallica, Iron Maiden, Greenday, Linkin Park and mind fully immersed in the music they love; fingers curled in the sign of the devil, signifying allegiance to an equally outlandish genre of music. These guys are the lovers of music, ROCK music.

ROCK music is unique for it gives the audience both acoustic and visual stimuli to literally rock them and when there is a conglomeration of ripping guitar strings, drum beats and heavy metal clank in one awesome college festival, we get a one of its kind event, a phenomenon, SNYCHRONICITY.

Synchronicity is the biggest collegiate rock music competition in India which is an integral part of Antaragni, the Cultural festival of IIT Kanpur. It is a mecca for upcoming rock bands and music lovers alike. Over the years, Synchronicity has seen participation by a number of regional bands and has served as a launch pad for some of the biggest Indian rock bands such as Parikrama, Inner Sanctum, BLAKC, Pentagram and others. Each year It receives more
than 500 applications from various bands for participation and is watched live by a large audience who witnesses the stage performances of Rock genres like punk, gothic and death metal, definitely a treat for any Rock music lover.

The event starts off with regional preliminary rounds held in 5 major cities, where about 15 bands compete with each other out of which 4 ultimate performances get selected. These semi-finalists get to participate in the semi-final round, held at IIT Kanpur during Antaragni. After two days of waging a gruesome battle, top 4 bands make it to the Grand Finale, the final stage of
the competition. The grand finale is judged by the members of the featured International bands and are cheered by strong head banging crowd of over 10,000 people! The event closes with special performance by guest bands.

This year Synchronicity is going to be bigger and better. Not only in terms of competition but in terms of the grandeur of the event as well. Cash prizes worth five lakh rupees are being offered which include a recording Deal with Overdrive, records both for the winners and runner's up .The best performers in individual category like Best Guitarist, Bassist and Drummer get music instruments by upscale brands and what's more, the winners get a five day Intensive Performance camp in music at the prestigious Swarnabhoomi Academy in Chennai which is inclusive of all expenses.

The performances in this event makes everyone go haywire and the audience have only one thing to say "They came, They played, They ROCKED !!"
So Come October, the stage will be set and the rock stars will be ready to bring on the heat. I'll be there to witness it and I am sure you too will.
Coming soon
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