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A string of movies out of the tried and tested formulae has surely given Bollywood a shot in the arm but we still remain a country which enjoys watching the lover boy ignoring people that care about them in favour of his "First Crush".

Bollywoods maturity is overshadowed by the dancing, singing, and overacting. As Russell Peters famously said, " I'll tell you why I don't like Indian movies. I have a reason. I like movies that are based on reality. That seem like they could happen. You know what I mean? [sic].When I walk out of the theatre I want to be able to look at my friend and go, that's crazy, that could probably happen. When have you ever walked out of an Indian movie going: that's possible! At which point tonight do you think you're all going to get up and start signing the same song and dancing all at the same [sic] time?"

We have seen movies like Sawariya, Yeh Saali Zindagi, and 7 Khoon Maaf premiere alongside typical masala movies like Rowdy Rathore, Ready, Band Baaja Bharat. The mainstream movies have broken all sorts of box office records, despite getting poor reviews from critics.
Anisha, a BME student says, "We have indeed seen a lot of films which are slowly breaking away from the typical formula but they are not attracting huge audiences. Films like Good Morning (Telugu) and Kill Him gave audiences a fresh story but they hopelessly failed at the box office. These movies were critically acclaimed but honestly I don't think these are the types of movies I'd like to watch with my family." On the other hand Ali disagrees that the hatke stories have fresh scripts. He says," What new stories? The movie makers are just trying to ape Hollywood and our family audiences are just not ready to accept that kind of stuff into our society. This is probably why the movies are not very successful." He also adds, "Some of these movies show extreme violence and not encouraged in society."
Although, films like Kahani, Fashion, The Dirty Picture, No One Killed Jessica, and Heroine seem different from the typical male centric films; they still have the same formula for attracting large audiences.

Indian audience, especially youngsters like Ali and Anisha, are ready to accept the new kind of cinema, but the fact remains that watching movies in India is still a family event. So if it's a family entertainer – then it's a hit!
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