Come Alive..

By Agrima Pokhriyal
From Shri Ram College of Commerce, New Delhi
Posted Sep 17th 2012 3:00AM

Creativity is a rarely found virtue in a very few homo-sapiens. So how exactly do we define it? Creativity is very subjective, a few students may find creativity in the ability to make themselves heard vocally, some may just see it in getting the best clothes on every day or just being able to do things differently, well that is where we derive the true essence of being ingenious. Even though it is very scarce, it still is widely found at SRCC!

We are creative in every sense of the word. It is astounding to be a part of the college where we are blessed with a projector in every room, but the real creativity lies in finding different postures to stand on the table and adjust the sky high projectors. Finding a cord for the laptop is another task. We bargain an extra attendance for getting a cord and mostly we are the ones who benefit from it.

We are absurdly innovative and this we have received as legacy from a few very intriguing lecturers who have linked our boring course materials with articulate facts. For the records- linking a subject as dead as Business Mathematics to Mahesh Bhatt and Sunny Leone! Now if you have such an appealing topic being discussed in the class with a direct link to Mathematics of Finance, you are bound to show interest.

A second year student Tushita Suri says, "Ingenuity can be seen everywhere, it may be as small as giving a well thought excuse for missing a lecture and getting the attendance or as gigantic as filming a promotional video for college elections."

The college atmosphere is so inspiring that you can't help but find your own niche in this very competitive environment. It is one thing that can surpass even a bad semester score and this is what can be seen in the placement patterns. A student with lesser marks but higher curricular involvement has a better chance of getting the coveted placements. But in the end it zeroes down to one thing, well said by George Bernard Shaw- "Imagination is the beginning of creations. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will".
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