BIOS : An MSAI (IFMSA India) Global Magazine Initiative

By Esha Gupta
From KPC Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata
Posted Sep 9th 2012 12:00PM
" Why do writers write? Because it isn't written. Every word written is a victory against the inevitable"

There are many medical journals all over the globe. But how many medical magazine are you aware of? Of course, the Health and Living section only targets the general audience. And here some medical students are, dreaming of creating a magazine that would be 'the' standard in the field of medicine. The Editorial Board aims to mark the epoch of a magazine that will be the most sought after piece for to-be medical students, future doctors, current medical professionals and medical schools. In other words, creating the FORBES of medicine.

This initiative has been given the name 'BIOS', a Greek word for 'life'. Nothing else could've defined the boundaries of this magazine better. BIOS will be functioning from Mumbai, India and will be a quarterly magazine. The first edition is scheduled for it's launch on Saturday, December 1st 2012. BIOS would feature on a global scale; the latest advancements in the field of medical science, the current happenings in the field of medical education and student lives, upcoming medical events and opportunities, inspirational stories from medical professionals, fun capsules etc.

Every issue of BIOS will feature a dynamic personality in the field of medicine. This would be a motivation for all the readers and also, the best way to know more about their idols, directly from them. BIOS also let's its readers contribute to the magazine. Bios would eventually feature Rankings (of Medical Schools – Zonal and Global, of Medical Careers, of Medical Students etc.) by a thorough research analysis in certain special editions.

With the support of the medical fraternity and the Editorial Board, BIOS aims to be one of the most useful resources to its readers all over the globe.

Way to go MSAI!
Coming soon
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