Apple vs Samsung : A proxy war

Samsung recently lost patent a war with Apple .a fine of 1.05 billion dollars was imposed on it with a possibility of facing a product ban in the most lucrative market in the world (United States). Let's have a look at the timeline of events that caused this record judgement.

Let's move back to 2007 the year iPhone was launched. The most powerful Samsung phone at that time was U600 (you probably wouldn't have heard of it) 18 months later similar looking galaxy is launched. Fast forward to 2010 the year iPad was launched, Samsung had no comparable product in its portfolio 6 months later galaxy tab is launched. And when apple launched iPod touch in 2007 Samsung launched Galaxy player with almost similar specs.

It does not take a genius to conclude that almost all the major products of Samsung were launched after Apple and are deeply influenced from them. Despite the fact it's not uncommon to see successful products of other companies being copied after all Phillips copied GE's bulb and HP copied Xerox's printer and now are the largest manufactures of the same. Nevertheless there is a limit to which you can copy. Inspirations are allowed rip offs aren't.

If you see the patents won by apple you see that all the patents relate to mobile OS which is a feature more to do with Android Operating system rather than something to do with Samsung. Many people are of the opinion that this patent war is a proxy war between Apple and Google.
Apple just attacked the strongest Android maker. Even Steve Jobs called that Android is a stolen product. Android, the largest mobile OS in the world is largely influenced from iOS but there is only so much that you can copy. A time will come when only copying will not help you even if you are a world leader. The other mobile OS though small is market share have a unique identity be it Blackberry OS or Windows Mobile and don't look like iOS rip-offs. Android should also develop its unique UI so that it does not face a similar legal situation in future and proves to be a true leader in future.
But in the end what does this story tell us, it tells us that "innovation alone triumphs".

(Apple and Samsung though seem to be two of the biggest computing companies of the world but the reality is that Samsung is a much diverse company than Apple and has interests in financial, engineering, IT, defence, consumer durables, tourism services and industries amongst others. The department of the Samsung that is involved in patent wars with apple is Samsung Electronics. Samsung is truly an innovative conglomerate (It even supplies the processor of Apple iPad and iPhone and Apple is Samsung's 2nd largest customer) and it would be wrong to see the whole company through the same lens. )
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