Telecom Wars!

By Garima Sachdeva
From Hindu College, New Delhi
Posted Aug 27th 2012 12:00AM

Do you have the cheapest message plan? Do you have network in the underground tunnels of Metro? Do you pay more than what you get?

Are the telecom companies playing with your mind by asking such questions?
Yes, they indeed are playing with that fickle mind of yours.

Every man in this nation owns a cell phone. They might not have enough supplies for night supper or they might be earning less than what they require, but they do have the tiny dynamite in their pockets, the cell phone. With cell phones, come the texting, the talking, the chatting and what not. All these do not come for free, obviously.

The Telecom companies are henceforth on a mission. A mission to lure in maximum customers for their brands and also beating the competition in every way possible. Advertising is their ammo in this battle. Off late, many telecom brands have come out with the catchiest advertisement in order to promote their plans, which they say are better than others. Two such brands are at advertising loggerheads these days.

They are Airtel and Tata Docomo.

Tata Docomo came in 2008 and the ad-world gave it bow when it came up with some of the best advertisements, right from the start. Docomo refreshed its campaign by roping in superstar Ranbir Kapoor in their latest ads. Whether it was the stand-up act of Ranbir, with the tagline "Keep it simple, Silly" or the latest ones, where Ranbir portrays an old, mean man who is a personification of the mobile companies that are looting its users, he is definitely a hit amongst the masses.

Kshitij, a second year Delhi University student has welcomed the old man Ranbir with open arms. "The concept is brilliant and the execution is top notch. Docomo has finally got it right this time. Kudos to them"

Saumya, another DU student agrees too. "It is not your regular 'we-sell-networks' advertisement. It has a good plot and I would call it the pioneer of sensible advertising"

Raghav, though, is not totally approving. "It is stupid and gets boring with each viewing. It is just presenting the same old bad services wrapped in a good shiny covering. I am not a fan", says the third year DU student.

Airtel is synonymous to advertising. They have the most creative ads, catchiest tunes and they work out the 'we are for the youth' idea pretty well. They started their most popular campaign with 'har ek friend zaroori hota hai' and took it to another brilliant level by their latest ads 'jo tera hai, who mera hai'. The tunes are hummable and the faces are fresh. The idea and concept is definitely pulling the youth.

Raghav, who earlier thrashed Docomo, explains where his loyalties lie. "Airtel has always produced the best pieces. It is not boring. It is new and fresh. I like it"

Mankiran, second year Maths student at Delhi University enjoys the Airtel ads too. "Move over Movie music, I sometimes start humming the tunes of Airtel ads. They are amazing"

Akriti, though, does not agree. "They don't present their schemes, their agendas and their initiative in their advertisements. It's just plain singing and dancing. That is not how you make the consumer aware"

They say, advertising is the art of convincing people to spend money they don't have for something they don't need. True that. But to keep up the fun, we'll say to Airtel and Docomo, bring on the battle because we are enjoying every bit of it.
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