Inter-class Football Tournament - Day 1

By Diana Fernando
From St Andrew's College, Mumbai
Posted Aug 10th 2012 6:00AM

The stars of SYBMM class entered the field with much pride and confidence as they faced SYBAF class at the first round of the inter-class football tournament at St. Andrew's ground. A large chunk of Andreans were on the field to cheer and boost the players. Both the team began their warm up session and discussed their strategies how to go about the game. Then it was time for the toss and both the team captains came over; SYBMM class won the toss and started the game.

The game began and within a few minutes the SYBMM team got a corner and the captain Heribert Fernandes took the corner kick and he scored. Yes!!!! That was a goal... What an electrifying start to the game. Everyone was now thrilled and excited. The captain still had some more thrill in the store for all of us and yes to our delight he scored the second goal. Hurray!!!!! The captain gave the perfect start to the game and his goal surely motivated the entire team.

The opposite team was traumatized and was losing hope. Adding to their despair Vynelan D'costa from the SYBMM team scored the third goal and that was an amazing goal. Now the score was 3-0, tension was mounting on the SYBAF team. They really had to start attacking by now or at least defend well but they lacked both. The SYBMM team was leading both in score and the ball possession.

Now the SYBAF class was totally stunned as Royston Veigas scored the fourth goal and gave a perfect end to this fantastic match winning it 4-0. What spectacular match it was. Each player of the SYBMM class gave in their best and came out with flying colors.

The star of the day and the captain of the winning team, Heribert Fernandes exclaimed "We played well and dominated the entire game. Loads of shots attempted but could score only four. Overall the entire team played well and all contributed to the game. We had the best goalie Adam, good with his skills and we had maximum attackers on the field and we played a very offensive game. It was great to win but this was just a warm up game for my team we are looking forward to the next game."
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