Synchronicity, IIT Kanpur

By Parth Arora
From IIT Kanpur, Kanpur
Posted Jul 29th 2012 10:30AM
Welcome to Synchronicity '12, the biggest, meanest and the awesomest rock fiest in the country. Be prepared to be blown away by the rush of chilly guitar riffs as the top bands in the country set afire their instruments for the ultimate t--itle. Over the years, synchronicity has acted as a launch pad for some of India's biggest rock acts including PARIKRAMA, THEM CLONES, INNER SANCTUM and PRATIGY-A.

This year, it promises to break all barriers and emerge as the flagship rock competition in India with 4 headlining acts being confirmed along with prelims being held in 5 major cities across the country. Hundreds of bands are expected to battle it out for the final showdown, to be held on the final night where fantastic prizes (total worth close to 6 lakhs) await the winners. It sure is going to be one hell of a ride, but we don't recommend putting your seatbelts on!

Synchronicity has played a vital role in promoting rock culture in India, serving as a launch pad for upcoming rock bands for nearly two decades. It has been setting the benchmark for rock festivals over the country. It was the first event in India to host an international band as headliner for the festival, and since then has never looked back and in 2011 again it stood out played host to 2 Inte-rnational bands on the same night. Embedded as a part of the super-happening matrix of ANTARAGNI, the event kicks off with prelims held at major venues in metro cities.

The shortlisted bands then battle it out for two days at the national prelims, held inside IIT Kanpur campus during Antaragni. In the end, only four bands make it through to the final night, where they perform as opening act to th-e international headlining acts in front of a screaming, perspiring, headbanging Crowd of 15,000. This rock saga ends deep into the final night, when everyone w-atches in awe as the international bands take over and floods the venue with som-e seriously insane stuff, reminding you truly why you love rock so much and thus marking a fitting conclusion to an epic journey. .The fest is going to witness a wide range of musical styles with bands from different parts of the country playing different genres of music to woo the judges!

And with four headlining band-s, each with its unique style and sounds, the musical mosaic is going to be ever more colourful. To keep the vibes going and as an appetizer for the Festival, for the first time in the country, a run up to the festival is going to be organised mid-year where a prominent International band will perform at IIT Kanpur and set the stage for the finals during Antaragni. Apart from the winning band, the-re will be prizes for best individual performers. Instruments worth rupees 2 lakhs will be given away as prizes to the winning band, best guitarist, best bassist and best drummer. All said, there's no denying that the true Synchronicity experience only comes LIVE!! So be there to see for yourselves. Synchronicity '12, it's gonna be bigger, better and awesomer
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