The Malhar Press Conference

By Pranav Pandit
From St. Xavier's College, Mumbai
Posted Jul 24th 2012 7:00AM

The Malhar Press Conference took place on the 18th of July. The chief guest was actor & writer Rahul Bose.

The event was held at the Multi Media Room (MMR) at St. Xavier's College, Mumbai. Thanks to awesome work done by the PR team, the room was filled with cameras and press. Adi Vaidya, the Chairperson for this year's Malhar, kick started the conference by welcoming everyone. He made a short speech on this year's Malhar. He said that he is blessed to have such a wonderful team of organiser to help him with the festival. He later on continued to explain the theme for this year's Malhar (Malhar Local –Grab a Seat). He showed the press all the videos and presentation they had prepared to the chief guest and the press.

Fr. Frazer Mascharenas, the Principal of St. Xavier's College, Mumbai continued the Conference by welcoming all the media people to the college. He claimed that he, like everyone else is excited about this year's Malhar. He also welcomed Rahul Bose to the college. "I hope Malhar would be as good as it was last year, or even better", said Fr. Frazer.
"I have always loved to attend Malhar, it is always filled with so much energy and reminds me of my time in college", said Rahul Bose. Like a true entertainer, he started with a couple of jokes and then went on to appreciate the Malhar Organising Committee for their brilliant work.

This was followed by a Question and Answer Section, wherein the Chair Person attended to all the doubts of the Press and the audience in general. The event ended with a lot of photos being clicked and this year's Malhar 2012, got some big time publicity thanks to the chief guest, Rahul Bose and to the Principal, Fr. Frazer for all his support.
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