The Malhar Orientation

By Pranav Pandit
From St. Xavier's College, Mumbai
Posted Jul 5th 2012 12:00AM
It's almost the end of June, and students at St. Xavier's College, Mumbai can be seen preparing themselves for the most awaited festival in the whole city-Malhar. The festival is brought life by the hard-working comprising of volunteers and organizers alike. Many of the new First Year Junior college and senior college students from science and arts could be seen looking at the Malhar notice board (near the main staircase) with utter puzzled looks. There are about 15 different departments working towards making Malhar bigger and better than it was last time, and the the freshers have no clue what's in store for them in each dept. Thus the organizers held 'The Malhar Orientation' so that the entire fresher as well as the seniors could get all their doubts cleared.

All those cool department charts got you confused?
Want to know which department is the best for you?
Have you been waiting for all those awesome department videos?

Come for The Malhar Orientation and get answers to all your Malhar related queries!

29th June, Friday
1:00 PM to 3:00 PM
in The College Hall
Come, Grab a Seat!

Students read this heading and the College Hall was overcrowded with Xavierite's. "I have never seen the hall this full! Brilliant job PR, for drawing probably the biggest crowd ever into an orientation. Thank you everyone for coming and all the support. For those who still haven't: Join the Malhar workforce!" said Aadi Vaidya, who is the Chairperson for this year's Malhar. The Principal Fr. Frazer welcomed all the students for the orientation. This was followed by a pep talk by the CP- Aadi and the orientation kicked off with all the depts. promoting themselves by showing everyone amazing videos and telling them how working for their respective dept. would be the best way to work and enjoy this year's Malhar. Departments such as, Security, Assistance, Logs are always the ones who need the most number of volunteers and they were trying hard to impress everyone.

The event ended with all the freshers being more informed about their choice of departments and thus this year's Malhar is all set to have yet another group of hard working volunteers.
Coming soon
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