Turn your old TV into a Smart TV with GTV220.

By Sarang Kunte
From Atharva College of Engineering, Mumbai
Posted Jul 4th 2012 2:00AM

Smart Televisions are the latest innovation in the tech world. It's more than just your normal television. It does much more than just show television shows. However these TV's burn a hole in your pocket costing approximately INR 3,00,000. But what if someone tells you that you can convert your currently existing TV into a smart TV in just 11,000 INR? Probably you'll laugh it off and call that person a madman. Behold and welcome the latest innovation called the Android smart television box – GTV220. The capabilities of android are tried and tested. It is undoubtedly the most versatile OS and running it on a big screen will be obviously more fun.

You must be wondering how a device can convert a normal TV into a smart TV. What the GTV220 does is that it works as the processing unit and uses the TV as its output display. It comes with a remote control which doubles as a keyboard as well as a motion sensing remote control like the Nintendo Wiimote. The GTV220 can be attached to any TV from an old CRT to a modern LED TV. This unit has been customized with the most-used programs preinstalled for you. Access your social media with YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and MSN. Communicate using Email and Skype. Use all your multimedia. Watch your favourite videos, view your photos, listen to your favourite music, read eBooks and much more. Using the CORTEX A9 Core chipset and Android 2.2 OS, it connects with wired and wireless networks, external Mobile HDD, USB and SD Card memory card devices to give you the unlimited versatility.

GTV220 Smart Television Unit.
Unique Motion Sensor QWERTY remote control.
Simple HDMI Connect to your TV.
Full Computing on your TV.
Fulfil all your Multimedia needs – Videos / Streaming TV / Music / Photos.
Wi-Fi and Ethernet Ready.
Full High Definition 1080P video capable.
USB keyboard / mouse support.
2 x USB OTG Ports & RJ45 Ethernet port.
SD Card Slot for additional storage.
Latest Android 2.2 Operating System.
Most used programs pre-installed – Ready to Go.
1000's of more applications can be downloaded – Many Free.

Processor: CORTEX A9 – 1Ghz.
Operating System: Android 2.2.
System Ram: DDR2 512Mbyte - Up to 1333Mhz speed.
Storage: 2gb Nand-Flash, expandable via TF Memory Card or Hard Drive (not supplied).
Wireless Motion Sensor Remote Control with QWERTY Keyboard.
Wireless Access: Built in WiFi module.(Protocol 802.11b/g /n).
USB: 2 x OTG (On the Go) 2.0 High Speed Ports.
Games:Support 3D acceleration (openGL).
Screen Control: Auto Handshake with TV to auto set optimal screen resolution.
Music Decoder: MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, WAV, ACC, APE.
Supports 720P to 1080P HD-Definition.
Ebook: Supports TXT、EPUB、RTF、DOC、PPT、PDF Format files.
Multiple Languages setting - 40countries.
Dimensions: 19 x 1.2 x 0.30cm (WDH)Weight: 150g.

With Google play as its market place the possibilities that you can do on this device are limitless. The 1GHz processor packs a punch along with various input output ports which makes the device extremely versatile. This innovative product has raised some eyebrows in the tech world and has enticed many rival companies to develop similar products. Very soon you may be able to see a array of smart television boxes in an electronic store near you.

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