Food walks in Delhi

By Arushi Gupta
From Kirori Mal College, New Delhi
Posted Jun 29th 2012 3:00AM

Are you one of those who think Delhi is all about clubs and pubs and expensive cafe's? Well you need to get your facts right then. Street food in Delhi is considered one of the most popular foods and is surely the best too. To avoid any conflict in your mind, it is not just the students with a meagre pocket money and loads of you-know-what to do or the daily wage labourers, who gorge on this food. The very people whom you would find dining at the most expensive restaurants come to dine in the streets of Old Delhi as well. Don't forget, all the bollywood actors make it a point to go to Chandani Chowk to taste the real street food of Delhi too!

If you are an outsider and a foodie but have no clue about what to eat and where to eat, or do not have enough like minded people around you, well there is a whole community of people who are there to help you. They choose to call themselves "Food Enthusiasts". It is a group of people who are passionate about food and meet every weekend to go to some new place to try out some new delicacies. The group began with a handful of people who liked trying out new cuisines in their free time which usually came on weekends but it has now expanded and has witnessed almost a hundred people in some of their food raids. Oh "food raids" has made you raise a brow? No, no it is not 'that raid' . It is just a term that they use for their trip to an eating outlet. Exploring different tastes is an adventure for them and with so many of them sharing the same goal, this adventure becomes a "food raid". Recently, they have conducted 'food raids' outside Delhi in places like Amritsar and Vrindavan.

Hemanshi Dawar, a college-going food enthusiast fondly remembers all her food raids and remarks that the community has given her an opportunity to enjoy the best of all kinds of foods that she had only heard faintly about and considered them to be history now. This community is better known as FED- Food Enthusiasts of Delhi. Their hearts are open to everyone, you do not have to pay a fees to join them. They meet every weekend, explore a new place, eat voraciously, get clicked and have a gala time. The group has members from almost all age groups and social backgrounds. It is almost as if a mini Delhi is created in this community through a common string of food.

So what are you all waiting for? Their address? Well they are quite easily spottable on facebook. You can also find them at www.foodenthusiatsofdelhi.com and keep yourself updated with the latest food raids. Yes, you can join them too if you want to gorge on some unheard of, delicious delicacies.
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